Australian musicians born in 1964

Here are 16 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1964:

Estelle Asmodelle

Estelle Asmodelle (April 22, 1964 Bowral-) a.k.a. Estelle Maria Croot is an Australian writer, musician, actor, dancer and model.

She is also known for being the world's first legally recognized transgender person to have undergone sex reassignment surgery. Asmodelle began her career as a ballet dancer, but later transitioned into modeling and music. She has released several albums and singles, and has acted in a number of films and television series. As an advocate for transgender rights, she has spoken publicly about her experiences and has been involved in various initiatives to promote awareness and understanding of gender diversity. In addition to her artistic and advocacy work, Asmodelle has also pursued academic studies, earning a degree in physics from the University of Sydney.

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Lee Kernaghan

Lee Kernaghan (April 15, 1964 Corryong-) otherwise known as Kernaghan, Lee is an Australian singer, songwriter, musician and composer.

His discography includes: Hat Town, Rules of the Road, 1959, Electric Rodeo, Three Chain Road, Spirit of the Bush, The New Bush, Planet Country, The Big Ones - Greatest Hits, Volume 1 and The Outback Club. His related genres: Country.

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Tex Perkins

Tex Perkins (December 28, 1964 Australia-) a.k.a. Greg Perkins or Perkins, Tex is an Australian , .

His albums include Dark Horses, Far Be It From Me, Long Night of the Dark Horses, My Better Half and See For Yourself (An Invitation to Tasmania).

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Donna Burke

Donna Burke (December 12, 1964 Perth-) also known as Burke, Donna or Donnna Burke is an Australian singer, voice actor and entrepreneur.

Her albums: Donna Burke With the David Silverman Quartet, Sosv1, Blue Nights and Goodbye Nakamura. Genres she performed include Jazz, Dance-pop and Pop music.

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Tara Morice

Tara Morice (June 23, 1964 Hobart-) a.k.a. Morice, Tara is an Australian actor, singer and dancer. Her child is Ondine Morice Pearce.

Tara Morice is best known for her role as Fran in the iconic Australian film "Strictly Ballroom". She was born in Hobart, Tasmania and began dancing at a very young age. She studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and has since enjoyed a successful career in film, television and theater.

In addition to her role in "Strictly Ballroom", Morice has appeared in a number of other films including "The Rage in Placid Lake" and "Bootmen". She has also had roles in various TV series including "Rake" and "McLeod's Daughters".

Morice's talents as a singer and dancer have also led her to perform in various stage productions. She has appeared in musicals such as "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Rocky Horror Picture Show". In 2014, she appeared in "The Color Purple" at the Sydney Theatre Company.

Morice continues to work in the Australian entertainment industry and is widely regarded as a talented and versatile performer.

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Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler (November 13, 1964-) also known as Fidler, Richard is an Australian comedian.

He is also a radio presenter, author, and musician. Fidler began his career as a member of the Australian comedy trio The Doug Anthony All Stars in the 1980s. He later transitioned to radio, working as a presenter on the ABC Radio National program "Conversations with Richard Fidler", which has become one of Australia's most popular podcasts. Fidler has also authored several books, including "Ghost Empire" and "Saga Land", co-written with Kári Gíslason. In addition, he has recorded and released music, both as a solo artist and with the band, The Gadflys.

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Karen Knowles

Karen Knowles (March 4, 1964 Melbourne-) also known as Knowles, Karen is an Australian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Moonglow. Genres: Jazz.

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Robert Racic

Robert Racic (January 8, 1964 Australia-October 26, 1996) a.k.a. Magicman was an Australian record producer.

His albums: DJ/Remixer/Producer... Whatever. His related genres: House music, Pop music and Techno.

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Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney (December 14, 1964 Levin-) also known as Rebecca Catherine Gibney is an Australian actor, film producer, model and screenwriter. She has one child, Zachary Edison Bell.

Rebecca Gibney began her acting career in New Zealand in the early 1980s, starring in the soap opera "The Flying Doctors." She is best known for her role as the lead character, Julie Rafter, in the Australian television series "Packed to the Rafters," which aired from 2008 to 2013.

Aside from acting, Gibney has also dabbled in film production with her company, R&R Productions. She has produced several TV movies, such as "StalkHer" and "Halifax f.p."

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Gibney is an ambassador for The Stroke Foundation in Australia and advocates for stroke awareness and prevention. She has also been involved in various charitable causes, including the Australasian Women and Children's Oncology Group, and the Australian Children's Music Foundation.

Gibney has been recognized for her contributions to Australian television and film with numerous awards, including multiple Logie Awards, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award, and the Order of Australia medal.

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Fiona Joy Hawkins

Fiona Joy Hawkins (January 21, 1964 Cessnock-) a.k.a. Hawkins, Fiona Joy is an Australian musician, composer, pianist and singer.

Her albums: ICE: Piano Slightly Chilled, Portrait of a Waterfall, Angel Above My Piano, Blue Dream, Live at The Q, Sensual Journeys, 600 Years in a Moment and Christmas Joy. Genres: Jazz, New-age music and Classical music.

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Nic Dalton

Nic Dalton (November 14, 1964 Canberra-) a.k.a. Dalton, Nic is an Australian musician and multi-instrumentalist.

He is known for his work in several Australian indie rock bands such as The Plunderers, Godstar, and The Lemonheads. Dalton started his music career as a bassist and songwriter for The Plunderers in the mid-80s, and later joined Godstar as a guitarist. He played bass for The Lemonheads during their 1992 tour of Australia and also contributed backing vocals to their breakthrough album, "It's a Shame About Ray". In addition to playing music, Dalton has also worked as a record producer, producing albums for many Australian bands including The Blackeyed Susans and The Hummingbirds. He is recognized as one of the most influential figures in the Australian indie music scene.

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Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin (September 16, 1964 Sydney-) a.k.a. Chris 'The Bloke' Franklin or Franklin, Chris is an Australian comedian.

His albums: Bloke.

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James Blundell

James Blundell (December 8, 1964 Stanthorpe-) otherwise known as Blundell, James is an Australian singer.

His albums: Earth, Hand It Down, I Shall Be Released: The Best of James Blundell, James Blundell, Sea, This Road, Way Out West, Ring Around the Moon and Postcards From Saigon. Genres: Country.

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Suze DeMarchi

Suze DeMarchi (February 14, 1964 Perth-) otherwise known as Suzie de Marchi, DeMarchi, Suze or Suzi Demarchi is an Australian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her discography includes: Telelove. Genres: Hard rock, Pop music and Rock music.

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Thomas Lorenzo

Thomas Lorenzo (January 11, 1964 Wollongong-) is an Australian composer.

His albums: Espacio, Spanish Breeze and Juego de almas. Genres he performed: Latin jazz, Jazz and World music.

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Michael Norton

Michael Norton (April 22, 1964-) is an Australian , .

Michael Norton (April 22, 1964-) is an Australian author, speaker, and consultant known for his work in the field of behavioral economics. He is a professor at Harvard Business School where he teaches marketing and behavioral science.

Norton obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Queensland and his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Before joining Harvard Business School, he worked as a consultant for Deloitte Consulting and as a fellow for the MIT Media Lab.

Norton's research focuses on how people can be motivated to make better decisions and how companies can use insights from behavioral economics to improve their marketing campaigns. He has authored a number of books including "Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending" and "The Psychology of Money."

Apart from his academic and consulting work, Norton is also an accomplished public speaker and has delivered several TED talks. He is known for his engaging and entertaining presentations, which often incorporate humor and storytelling to convey complex ideas in an accessible manner.

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