Australian musicians born in 1965

Here are 9 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1965:

Richard Tognetti

Richard Tognetti (August 4, 1965 Canberra-) a.k.a. Tognetti, Richard, Richard Leo Tognetti, AO or Richard Leo Tognetti is an Australian conductor, violinist, composer and film score composer.

His albums include Violin Concertos, Concerto for Violin and Piano / Octet, Second Sonata / Irkanda I / Irkanda IV / Cello Dreaming / Lament / Djilile, Music for String Orchestra, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Flute Concertos, Song of the Angel, Keyboard Concertos, and The 4 Seasons.

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Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown (November 17, 1965-) otherwise known as Brown, Amanda or Amanda Gabrielle Brown is an Australian film score composer, musician, singer, songwriter and composer.

Genres she performed: Rock music.

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Julian Knowles

Julian Knowles (July 31, 1965-) is an Australian guitarist, composer and record producer.

Genres he performed include Electronic music, Ambient music and Independent music.

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Paul Mac

Paul Mac (September 17, 1965 Sydney-) also known as Paulmac, Mac, Paul or Paul Francis McDermott is an Australian musician, singer-songwriter, record producer and remixer.

His albums include 3000 Feet High, Panic Room, Gonna Miss You, Heatseeking Pleasure Machine, Just the Thing, The Sound of Breaking Up, Love Declaration and Sunshine Eyes. His related genres: Electronica and Synthpop.

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Craig McLachlan

Craig McLachlan (September 1, 1965 Long Jetty-) a.k.a. Craig Dougal McLachlan is an Australian singer, actor, comedian, musician, composer, singer-songwriter and plumber. He has one child, Jacob McLachlan.

Discography: Check 1-2 and Mona.

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Darlene Zschech

Darlene Zschech (September 8, 1965 Brisbane-) otherwise known as Dalene Zschech, Darlene Zchech, Zschech, Darlene, Darlene Joyce Zschech or Darlene Joyce Steinhardt is an Australian singer, songwriter and pastor.

Her albums: I Believe the Promise, Extravagant Worship, Kiss of Heaven, Change Your World, The Power of Your Love Symphony, You Are Love, A Beautiful Exchange, Simply Worship 3 and Revealing Jesus. Genres she performed: Contemporary Christian music, Christian music and Contemporary worship music.

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Alison Jiear

Alison Jiear (May 6, 1965 Australia-) is an Australian actor and singer.

She grew up in Sydney, Australia and began performing in stage productions at a young age. Jiear went on to train in musical theater at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

She has appeared in a number of West End productions, including "Jerry Springer: The Opera", "Les Misérables", and "Cats". Jiear is also known for her performances on popular TV shows like "The Voice UK" and "Britain's Got Talent".

In addition to her successful career in theater and television, Jiear has released several music albums, including "I Just Wanna Dance" and "Portraits of Alison". Her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence have earned her critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

Outside of her professional life, Jiear is a passionate advocate for animal rights and environmental conservation. She has participated in fundraising events for charities such as the RSPCA and Greenpeace.

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Jodi Phillis

Jodi Phillis (April 11, 1965 Melbourne-) otherwise known as Lounge O Sound or Phillis, Jodi is an Australian singer-songwriter.

Discography: For Lovers, Artists and Dreamers, In Dreams I Live and Lounge O Sound. Genres she performed: Indie rock, Pop music and Adult contemporary music.

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Geoff Achison

Geoff Achison (August 5, 1965 Phillip Island-) otherwise known as Achison, Geoff is an Australian composer, guitarist and singer.

Discography: Acho Solo, Chasing My Tail and Mystery Train. Genres he performed: Jazz, Blues, Blues rock, Funk and Soul music.

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