Australian musicians born in 1972

Here are 17 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1972:

Toni Collette

Toni Collette (November 1, 1972 Blacktown-) also known as Antonia Collette or Antonia "Toni" Collette is an Australian actor, musician, singer, television producer, film producer and voice actor. She has two children, Sage Florence Galafassi and Arlo Robert Galafassi.

Her discography includes: Beautiful Awkward Pictures.

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John Safran

John Safran (August 13, 1972 Melbourne-) also known as Safran, John or John Saffran is an Australian comedian, radio personality, presenter, documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, television producer and actor.

His discography includes: Not the Sunscreen Song.

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John Foreman

John Foreman (April 24, 1972 Newcastle-) also known as John Gregory Foreman is an Australian musician and film score composer.

He is best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the band Switchfoot, which he co-founded with his brother Tim Foreman in 1996. Under his leadership, Switchfoot has released over 10 studio albums, received numerous awards, and enjoyed mainstream success with hit songs like "Dare You to Move" and "Meant to Live".

In addition to his contributions to Switchfoot, Foreman has also pursued a solo career, releasing four albums under his own name. He is known for his introspective and spiritually-driven songwriting, which often tackles themes like faith, doubt, and personal growth.

Outside of music, Foreman has also made a name for himself as a film composer, scoring over a dozen movies and TV shows like "A Walk to Remember" and "The Art of Flight". He has been recognized for his work with awards like the San Diego Film Festival's Best Score award and the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Original Score.

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Toni Pearen

Toni Pearen (June 5, 1972 Cronulla-) also known as Toni Pearon or Pearen, Toni is an Australian presenter and singer.

Her albums include Walkaway Lover, Intimate and I Want You.

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Matt "Skitz" Sanders

Matt "Skitz" Sanders (December 19, 1972-) is an Australian , .

Genres he performed include Grindcore, Black metal and Death metal.

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Greg Page

Greg Page (January 16, 1972 Sydney-) also known as Gregory John Page, Gregory John "Greg" Page, Greg, The Wiggles or Pagey is an Australian actor, musician and film score composer.

Genres he performed: Rock music, Children's music, Pop music, Country rock and Country.

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Robyn Loau

Robyn Loau (October 16, 1972-) also known as Robyn Loau With Ronin System or Loau, Robyn is an Australian singer, songwriter, actor and musician.

Her albums: Sick With Love. Genres she performed include Pop music and Dance music.

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Kym Purling

Kym Purling (November 2, 1972 Ho Chi Minh City-) also known as Purling, Kym is an Australian composer, pianist, jazz pianist and teacher.

Genres: Jazz, Smooth jazz, Musical theatre, Swing music and World music.

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Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes (May 8, 1972 Brisbane-) also known as Darren Stanley Hayes, darren_hayes or Hayes, Darren is an Australian singer, singer-songwriter and composer.

Discography: Insatiable: Remixes, Insatiable, Spin, Strange Relationship, Crush, I Miss You, Popular, The Tension and the Spark, Darkness and So Beautiful. Genres he performed: Pop music, Electronica, Pop rock, Contemporary R&B and Electronic dance music.

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Angie Hart

Angie Hart (March 8, 1972 Adelaide-) a.k.a. Angela Ruth Hart is an Australian singer.

Her albums: Grounded Bird and Eat My Shadow. Genres: Pop music.

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Glenn Richards

Glenn Richards (November 17, 1972 Spotswood-) also known as Richards, Glenn, Glennwell Piers Richards or Glenn Anthony Richards is an Australian musician, songwriter and singer.

Discography: Closed Off, Cold & Bitter - Life as a Can of Beer and Glimjack. Genres he performed include Indie rock, Rock music and Blues rock.

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Dean Turner

Dean Turner (January 6, 1972-August 21, 2009) also known as Turner, Dean was an Australian , .

musician, songwriter and record producer. He was best known as the bass guitarist and founding member of the Australian punk rock band, Magic Dirt. Turner started playing bass at age 14 and formed Magic Dirt in 1991 with his sister, Adalita. With Turner on bass, Magic Dirt released several successful albums and EPs throughout the 90s and 2000s, and won multiple ARIA Awards. Turner was also known for his work as a producer, working with bands such as Augie March and You Am I. Sadly, Dean Turner passed away in 2009 at the age of 37 from complications related to pneumonia. He is remembered as a talented and influential musician in the Australian music scene.

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Andrew Winton

Andrew Winton (February 1, 1972 Australia-) is an Australian singer, musician and songwriter.

His discography includes: Barrel O'Monkeys and The Decompression Chamber. Genres: Blues, Bluegrass, Gospel music, Alternative rock, Traditional music and Folk music.

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Michelle van Eimeren

Michelle van Eimeren (March 15, 1972-) is an Australian model and actor.

She rose to fame in the 1990s as a leading model in Australia and appeared on numerous magazine covers and in advertising campaigns. Van Eimeren later turned to acting and appeared in several television shows and films, including "The Big House" and "All Together Now."

In 1997, she married Filipino actor Ogie Alcasid and moved to the Philippines. The couple has two daughters and was married for almost two decades before their separation in 2007.

Van Eimeren remains active in the entertainment industry as a producer and host of lifestyle and cooking shows in the Philippines. She is also involved in various charity organizations and is a spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme.

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Quan Yeomans

Quan Yeomans (December 12, 1972 Sydney-) a.k.a. Quan is an Australian songwriter, musician, animator and record producer.

His albums: The Amateur and . Genres he performed: Electronica, Rock music, Alternative rock and Hip hop music.

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Peter Isaac

Peter Isaac (July 19, 1972 Australia-) is an Australian composer.

Genres he performed include Film score.

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Simon Pryce

Simon Pryce (March 7, 1972 Australia-) is an Australian , .

Genres he performed include Children's music and Musical theatre.

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