Australian musicians born in 1988

Here are 6 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1988:

Emily Browning

Emily Browning (December 7, 1988 Melbourne-) also known as Emily Jane Browning or Em is an Australian actor, model and singer.

She began her acting career at the age of 10, appearing in television commercials and guest roles in several Australian TV series. Her breakthrough role came in 2004's "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events," where she played Violet Baudelaire. Browning has since appeared in several notable films, including "Sucker Punch," "Sleeping Beauty," and "American Gods." In addition to acting, she is also a talented singer and has contributed to the soundtracks of several of her films. In her free time, Browning enjoys reading, painting, and practicing Muay Thai kickboxing.

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Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan (May 13, 1988 Bankstown-) also known as Donovan, Casey is an Australian singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include For You, Eye 2 Eye, What's Going On and Listen With Your Heart. Her related genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Hayley Aitken

Hayley Aitken (April 11, 1988-) is an Australian singer and songwriter.

Discography: I Hate the Way I Love You. Genres: Pop music.

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Kate Alexa

Kate Alexa (March 2, 1988 Melbourne-) also known as Alexa, Kate is an Australian singer and songwriter.

Her most well known albums: Always There, Broken & Beautiful, H2O: Just Add Water and My Day Will Come. Genres she performed: Pop music, Pop rock, Dance-pop, Teen pop and Adult contemporary music.

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Bianca Moon

Bianca Moon (December 14, 1988 Sydney-) is an Australian songwriter, singer, actor and activist.

She started writing songs at the age of 15 and got her first record deal at 17. Bianca's music is a blend of pop, rock and folk elements and frequently addresses social and political issues such as climate change, gender equality and cultural diversity. She has released three albums and her songs have been featured in several films and TV shows.

Apart from her music career, Bianca is also known for her activism work. She is a passionate advocate for various causes such as LGBTQ+ rights, mental health awareness, and environmental protection. In 2016, she founded the "Green Life" project, which aims to raise awareness about sustainable living and combat climate change.

Bianca has also dabbled in acting and has appeared in a number of Australian TV series and films. In 2019, she made her Broadway debut in the musical "Hadestown".

In addition to her artistic and activist pursuits, Bianca is also a certified yoga instructor and has taught classes in Sydney and New York City.

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Johnny Ruffo

Johnny Ruffo (March 8, 1988 Balcatta-) is an Australian actor and singer-songwriter.

Genres: Dance-pop.

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