Australian musicians died at 42

Here are 7 famous musicians from Australia died at 42:

Rayner Hoff

Rayner Hoff (November 27, 1894 United Kingdom-November 19, 1937) was an Australian personality.

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Antony Hamilton

Antony Hamilton (May 4, 1952 Liverpool-March 29, 1995 Los Angeles) was an Australian model and actor.

He died in hiv/aids.

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Helen de Guerry Simpson

Helen de Guerry Simpson (December 1, 1897 Sydney-October 14, 1940 Worcestershire) a.k.a. Helen Simpson was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Beverley Whitfield

Beverley Whitfield (June 15, 1954 New South Wales-August 20, 1996 Shellharbour) also known as Beverley Joy Whitfield was an Australian swimmer.

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Gary Knoke

Gary Knoke (February 4, 1942-July 9, 1984) was an Australian personality.

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Gregg Hansford

Gregg Hansford (April 4, 1952 Australia-March 5, 1995) was an Australian race car driver.

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Jack Marsh

Jack Marsh (April 5, 1874 Baryulgil, New South Wales-May 25, 1916 Orange) was an Australian personality.

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