Australian musicians died at 77

Here are 30 famous musicians from Australia died at 77:

Colleen McCullough

Colleen McCullough (June 1, 1937 Wellington-January 29, 2015) was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Richard McGarvie

Richard McGarvie (May 21, 1926 Colac-May 24, 2003 Caulfield) also known as Judge Richard McGarvie was an Australian judge.

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Edward Williams

Edward Williams (December 29, 1921-January 10, 1999) a.k.a. Judge Edward Williams was an Australian judge.

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Gordon Chater

Gordon Chater (April 6, 1922 London-December 12, 1999 Gold Coast) also known as Gordon Maitland Chater was an Australian comedian and actor.

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Barry Long

Barry Long (August 1, 1926 Sydney-December 6, 2003) also known as Long, Barry was an Australian personality.

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Alan Mansfield

Alan Mansfield (September 30, 1902 Brisbane-July 17, 1980) also known as Sir Alan James Mansfield or Judge Alan Mansfield was an Australian judge, lawyer and college administrator.

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Ruby Langford Ginibi

Ruby Langford Ginibi (January 26, 1934 Coraki-October 2, 2011 Fairfield) was an Australian writer and novelist.

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Joan Rosanove

Joan Rosanove (May 11, 1896-April 8, 1974) was an Australian lawyer.

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Bertha McNamara

Bertha McNamara (September 28, 1853-August 1, 1931) was an Australian personality.

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Henry Winneke

Henry Winneke (October 20, 1908 Fitzroy North-December 28, 1985) was an Australian judge. His child is John Winneke.

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Pope Alexander Cooper

Pope Alexander Cooper (May 12, 1846 Lake George-August 23, 1923 Brisbane) was an Australian judge, politician, barrister and prosecutor.

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Edward Castres Gwynne

Edward Castres Gwynne (February 13, 1811 Sussex-June 10, 1888) was an Australian judge and politician.

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William Ramsay Smith

William Ramsay Smith (November 27, 1859 Scotland-September 28, 1937) was an Australian scientist.

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Frank Gardner

Frank Gardner (October 1, 1931 Sydney-August 29, 2009 Gold Coast) was an Australian race car driver.

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John Perceval

John Perceval (February 1, 1923 Bruce Rock-October 15, 2000 Melbourne) was an Australian artist and visual artist.

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Mary Eliza Fullerton

Mary Eliza Fullerton (May 14, 1868 Glenmaggie-February 23, 1946 England) was an Australian novelist, writer and author.

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John La Nauze

John La Nauze (June 9, 1911 Western Australia-April 5, 1989) a.k.a. Professor La Nauze or John Andrew La Nauze was an Australian professor.

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Enid Campbell

Enid Campbell (October 30, 1932 Australia-January 20, 2010) was an Australian personality.

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Alan Edwards

Alan Edwards (January 17, 1925 United Kingdom-January 14, 2003 Brisbane) was an Australian actor.

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Lewis Adolphus Bernays

Lewis Adolphus Bernays (May 3, 1831-August 22, 1908) was an Australian personality.

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William Piguenit

William Piguenit (August 27, 1836 Hobart-July 17, 1914) was an Australian personality.

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Daevid Allen

Daevid Allen (January 13, 1938 Melbourne-March 13, 2015) also known as Christopher David Allen, Divided Alien, Ja Am, Bert Camembert or Dingo Virgin was an Australian musician, poet, guitarist, singer, composer, performer and film score composer.

His albums: Alien in New York / Opium for the People, Australia Aquaria, DividedAlienPlaybax80, Good Morning!, Je ne fum' pas des bananes (with Bananamoon Band & Gong), N'existe pas!, Stroking the Tail of the Bird, The Death of Rock & Other Entrances, The Seven Drones and Twelve Selves. Genres he performed include Psychedelic rock and Progressive rock.

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Robert Helpmann

Robert Helpmann (April 9, 1909 Mount Gambier-September 28, 1986 Sydney) also known as Robert Murray Helpman, Sir Robert Helpmann, Sir Bobby or Bobby was an Australian actor, dancer, film director and choreographer.

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Mervyn Austin

Mervyn Austin (August 1, 1913-April 5, 1991) was an Australian personality.

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Dulcie Cooper

Dulcie Cooper (November 3, 1903 Sydney-September 3, 1981) was an Australian personality.

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Coral Browne

Coral Browne (July 23, 1913 Melbourne-May 29, 1991 Los Angeles) also known as Coral Edith Brown or Coralie Edith Brown was an Australian actor. She had two children, Victoria Price and Vincent Price Jr..

She died in breast cancer.

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Erle Cox

Erle Cox (August 15, 1873 Australia-November 20, 1950) was an Australian journalist.

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Tom Gorman

Tom Gorman (June 1, 1901 Charters Towers-June 22, 1978 Brisbane) was an Australian personality.

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Bryan O'Loghlen

Bryan O'Loghlen (June 27, 1828 Dublin-October 31, 1905 St Kilda) was an Australian politician.

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Harry Lawson

Harry Lawson (March 5, 1875 Dunolly-June 12, 1952 East Melbourne) was an Australian politician.

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