Australian music stars deceased in Epilepsy

Here are 1 famous musicians from Australia died in Epilepsy:

Tracy Pew

Tracy Pew (December 19, 1957 Australia-November 7, 1986) also known as Pew, Tracy or Tracy Franklin Pew was an Australian musician.

Genres related to him: Punk rock, Rock music, Post-punk and Rock and roll.

Tracy Pew was best known as the bassist of the Australian punk rock band, The Birthday Party. He co-founded the band with Nick Cave in 1978 and played on all of their studio albums until their breakup in 1983. Pew's style of playing was notable for its intensity and aggression, which helped define The Birthday Party's sound.

After the breakup of The Birthday Party, Pew struggled with drug addiction and spent time in and out of rehabilitation facilities. He continued to play music, contributing to several albums and projects, including the bands The Saints and Die Haut.

Sadly, Tracy Pew passed away at the age of 28 due to complications related to epilepsy. Despite his relatively short life and career, Pew's impact on the Australian punk and post-punk scenes cannot be overstated. He remains a beloved and influential figure in the world of underground rock music.

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