Austrian movie stars died at 46

Here are 1 famous actors from Austria died at 46:

Ferdinand Raimund

Ferdinand Raimund (June 1, 1790 Vienna-September 5, 1836 Pottenstein) was an Austrian writer, actor and playwright.

He died in suicide.

Raimund is considered to be an important figure in Austrian cultural history, and his works continue to be performed today. He began his career as an actor, performing in various theaters in Vienna, before turning to writing plays. He is most known for his comedic plays, which often used fantasy and folklore elements, and were highly popular during his lifetime. Some of his best-known works include "The Alchemist and the Devil", "The Fickle Fortune of the Ladies", and "The Barometer-Maker on the Magic Island". Despite his success, Raimund suffered from financial struggles and personal tragedies, including the deaths of his first wife and their child. His depression and mental health issues eventually led him to take his own life at the age of 46. Despite his tragic end, Ferdinand Raimund's legacy as a playwright and important cultural figure in Austria lives on.

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