Austrian movie stars died at 78

Here are 9 famous actors from Austria died at 78:

Harald Reinl

Harald Reinl (July 8, 1908 Bad Ischl-October 9, 1986 Puerto de la Cruz) a.k.a. Dr. Harald Reinl was an Austrian film director, screenwriter, film editor and actor.

He died in stabbing.

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Fritz Kortner

Fritz Kortner (May 12, 1892 Vienna-July 22, 1970 Munich) also known as Fritz Nathan Kohn was an Austrian actor, theatre director, film director and screenwriter.

He died in leukemia.

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Rolf Olsen

Rolf Olsen (December 26, 1919 Vienna-April 3, 1998 Starnberg) also known as Rudolf Knoblich, Emerson Fox, Dudley Joker or Rolf Ohlsen was an Austrian actor, film director and screenwriter.

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Ernst Deutsch

Ernst Deutsch (September 16, 1890 Prague-March 22, 1969 Berlin) also known as Ernest Dorian or Ernst Dorian was an Austrian actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Karl Hellmer

Karl Hellmer (March 11, 1896 Vienna-May 18, 1974 Berlin) a.k.a. Carl Hellmer or Karl Helmer was an Austrian actor.

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Gerhard Riedmann

Gerhard Riedmann (March 24, 1925 Vienna-February 9, 2004 Kematen in Tirol) otherwise known as Gerhard Reidmann or Gerhard Anton Riedmann was an Austrian actor.

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Alexander Trojan

Alexander Trojan (March 30, 1914 Vienna-September 19, 1992 Vienna) also known as Alexander Takacs was an Austrian actor.

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Michael Kehlmann

Michael Kehlmann (September 21, 1927 Vienna-December 1, 2005 Vienna) was an Austrian screenwriter, actor and television director. His child is called Daniel Kehlmann.

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Franz Höbling

Franz Höbling (September 9, 1886 Vienna-February 14, 1965 Vienna) was an Austrian actor and film director.

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