Austrian movie stars died before 40

Here are 1 famous actors from Austria died before 40:

Konrad Bayer

Konrad Bayer (December 17, 1932 Vienna-October 10, 1964 Vienna) was an Austrian actor, writer and screenwriter.

He died in suicide.

Bayer was a prominent figure in the Viennese post-war avant-garde movement, associated with the artistic group "Wiener Gruppe" (Vienna Group). He co-founded and acted in the experimental theater group "Theater Exil" and published a number of works of literature, including novels, plays, and poetry. His writing was known for its surrealism, absurdity, and language experimentation. Bayer was also involved in the Austrian film industry and worked as a screenwriter, contributing to notable films such as "Magic after Midnight" and "Love-Hate-Sex-Repeat". His legacy continues to inspire and influence experimental art and literature movements in Austria and beyond.

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