Austrian movie stars died in 1954

Here are 3 famous actors from Austria died in 1954:

Fred Berger

Fred Berger (December 5, 1894 Vienna-November 27, 2014) otherwise known as Friedrich Berger, Frederick or Berger was an Austrian actor.

During his lifetime, Fred Berger appeared in over 130 films across Europe, and was known for his work in Austrian and German cinema during the 1920s and 1930s. He also appeared in Hollywood films after fleeing Europe at the outbreak of World War II, and worked with renowned directors such as Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch.

In addition to his acting career, Berger was also a notable opera singer and performed in various productions throughout Europe. He was awarded the Golden Medal of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria in 2010, just a few years before his death at the age of 119.

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Siegfried Breuer

Siegfried Breuer (June 24, 1906 Vienna-February 1, 1954 Göttingen) was an Austrian film director, screenwriter and actor. His children are called Siegfried Breuer Jr. and .

Barbara Breuer. After completing his studies in art history and theater in Vienna, Siegfried Breuer went on to work in the Austrian film industry during the 1930s. He directed a number of films including the critically acclaimed "Streets of Gold" (1939). However, with the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938, Breuer left the country and eventually settled in Sweden.

In Sweden, Breuer continued to work in the film industry and directed several films including "Marriage Bureau" (1943) and "Good Friends and Faithful Neighbors" (1947). In the early 1950s, he moved to Germany where he continued to work in the film industry until his untimely death in 1954 at the age of 47. Siegfried Breuer's legacy continues to be celebrated by film enthusiasts and historians around the world.

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Ekkehard Arendt

Ekkehard Arendt (June 10, 1892 Vienna-May 10, 1954 Vienna) also known as Ekkehard von Arendt was an Austrian actor.

He started his acting career in the early 1900s and became one of the leading actors of the Austrian film industry in the 1920s and 1930s. Arendt appeared in more than 70 films throughout his career and was known for his versatile acting abilities.

He was also an active member of the theater community and performed on stages throughout Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Additionally, Arendt was a distinguished voice actor and lent his voice to numerous films and radio plays.

Throughout his career, Arendt worked with some of the most prominent directors and actors of his time, including Marlene Dietrich, Fritz Lang, and Hans Moser.

During World War II, Arendt was banned by the Nazi regime from performing due to his Jewish heritage. However, he continued to act in underground productions and eventually returned to the mainstream film industry after the war.

Arendt passed away in Vienna in 1954 at the age of 61, leaving behind a rich legacy of film and theater performances that continue to be celebrated today.

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