Austrian movie stars died in 2003

Here are 1 famous actors from Austria died in 2003:

Gunther Philipp

Gunther Philipp (June 8, 1918 Toplița-October 2, 2003 Bad Godesberg) a.k.a. Gunter Philipp, Gunther Phillipp, Gunther Phillip, Dr. Gunther Philipp or Gunther Placheta was an Austrian actor, screenwriter, performer, athlete, physician, author, writer, swimmer, psychologist and motorcycle racer. He had three children, Gero Philipp, Peter Philipp and Alexander Philipp.

Philipp began his career as an athlete and swimmer before pursuing acting. He appeared in over 150 films and television shows, including the popular German crime series, Tatort. Philipp often played comedic roles and was known for his witty and sarcastic sense of humor both on and off screen.

In addition to acting, Philipp was also a successful writer and screenwriter. He wrote several books, plays and screenplays throughout his career, including the script for the 1962 film, The Sweet Life.

Philipp was also a skilled motorcycle racer and even competed in the 1939 Isle of Man TT race. Later in life, he earned a medical degree and worked as a physician and psychologist.

Despite his diverse talents and accomplishments, Philipp remained humble and was known for his easygoing and generous nature. He lived a full and adventurous life and is remembered as a legend of Austrian cinema.

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