Austrian movie actors deceased in Heart failure

Here are 1 famous actors from Austria died in Heart failure:

Bernhard Wicki

Bernhard Wicki (October 28, 1919 Sankt Pölten-January 3, 2000 Munich) also known as Bernard Wicki or Bernard Wicky was an Austrian film director, actor, screenwriter, photographer, television director and voice actor.

Wicki started his career as an actor in the theater before moving into film in the 1940s. He appeared in over 50 films throughout his career, including the internationally acclaimed "The Bridge" which he also directed. Wicki was part of the post-World War II German film movement and often portrayed complex characters dealing with the aftermath of the war. As a director, he gained critical acclaim for his unique visual style and poignant storytelling. In addition to his work in film and theater, Wicki was also an accomplished photographer and documentarian, known for his intimate black and white portraits. He continued to work in the industry decades after his debut, receiving numerous awards for his contributions to German and international cinema.

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