Austrian movie stars died at 40

Here are 1 famous actresses from Austria died at 40:

Lizzi Waldmüller

Lizzi Waldmüller (May 25, 1904 Knittelfeld-April 8, 1945 Vienna) otherwise known as Lizzi Waldmuller or Lizzy Waldmüller was an Austrian actor and singer.

She was born on May 25, 1904, in Knittelfeld, Austria, and began performing on stage at a young age. She made her film debut in 1925 and went on to star in numerous films throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Her notable works include "Mädchen in Uniform" (1931) and "Ich und die Kaiserin" (1933).

Apart from her acting career, Waldmüller was also a talented singer, and she released several records during her lifetime. She was known for her distinctive voice and her ability to convey deep emotions through her singing.

Tragically, Waldmüller's life was cut short when she was killed during the bombing of Vienna in 1945. Her legacy, however, lives on through her films and recordings, which continue to be cherished by fans of Austrian cinema and music.

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