Austrian movie stars died in 1956

Here are 1 famous actresses from Austria died in 1956:

Gisela Werbisek

Gisela Werbisek (April 8, 1875 Bratislava-April 10, 1956 Hollywood) also known as Gisela Werbezirk, Gisela Werbesik, Giselle Werbiseck, Gisella Werbiseck or Giselle Werbisek was an Austrian actor.

She began her acting career in the theater in Vienna before moving on to work in silent films in Germany. In 1925, she emigrated to the United States and began working in Hollywood films as a character actor.

Throughout her career, Werbisek appeared in over 80 films, including the Marx Brothers' "Animal Crackers," "The Sin of Madelon Claudet" alongside Helen Hayes, and "The Little Princess" with Shirley Temple. She was also a popular supporting actress in B movies, frequently playing character roles that ranged from eccentric to sinister.

Werbisek retired from acting in 1947 and tourned the country giving lectures about her experiences in Hollywood. She died in Hollywood in 1956 at the age of 81.

Interestingly, Gisela Werbisek was not only an actor, but also a writer. In 1933, she published a book titled "The Heart of an Actress: An Autobiography" which chronicled her life and career in the entertainment industry. Werbisek was also a talented linguist, speaking several languages including German, French, Italian, and English fluently. Her linguistic abilities allowed her to take on diverse roles in both European and American films. Despite her success in Hollywood, Werbisek never forgot her roots and often gave talks about her hometown of Bratislava, where a street was named after her in honor of her achievements.

In addition to her successful career in Hollywood, Gisela Werbisek was also a dedicated philanthropist. She was known for her charitable work with the Motion Picture Relief Fund, a non-profit organization that helped members of the film industry who were struggling financially or in poor health. Werbisek was also involved with several organizations that supported refugees during World War II, using her platform to raise awareness and funds for those in need. Despite facing discrimination as an Austrian immigrant in the early days of Hollywood, Werbisek remained positive and dedicated to her craft. She was a trailblazer for women in the film industry and served as an inspiration for generations of actors to come. Today, Werbisek is remembered as a talented and intelligent performer who made a lasting impact on the world of film.

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