Austrian movie stars died in 1970

Here are 2 famous actresses from Austria died in 1970:

Elisabeth Markus

Elisabeth Markus (December 15, 1895 Weikersdorf am Steinfelde-January 19, 1970 Vienna) a.k.a. Elisabeth Martha Leopoldine Francisca Markus was an Austrian actor.

She began her acting career in 1912 at the Deutsches Volkstheater in Vienna, and went on to perform at various theaters throughout Austria and Germany. Markus was known for her roles in classical theater productions, and was especially admired for her performances in plays by William Shakespeare. She also appeared in several films during the 1930s and 1940s, including the 1932 film "Two Hearts in Waltz Time" (Zwei Herzen im Dreiviertel Takt) directed by Géza von Bolváry. In 1943, Markus was forced to flee to Switzerland due to her Jewish heritage, but returned to Vienna after the war. Later in life, she became a vocal critic of the Nazi regime and spoke out about her experiences during the war. Markus passed away in Vienna in 1970 at the age of 74.

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Hertha Feiler

Hertha Feiler (August 3, 1916 Vienna-November 1, 1970 Munich) was an Austrian actor. She had one child, Peter Rühmann.

Feiler began her acting career in Austria in the 1930s before moving to Berlin, where she appeared in several films for UFA studios. She gained popularity for her roles in romantic comedies and musical films, often playing the love interest of notable actors such as Hans Moser and Heinz Rühmann.

During World War II, Feiler continued acting in German films, including propaganda films. After the war, she returned to Vienna and continued her career in Austria and Germany.

Feiler was married to actor Heinz Rühmann from 1942 until his death in 1994. They had one son, Peter, who also became an actor.

Feiler died in 1970 at the age of 54 from cancer.

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