Austrian movie stars died in 1985

Here are 1 famous actresses from Austria died in 1985:

Luise Ullrich

Luise Ullrich (October 31, 1910 Vienna-January 21, 1985 Munich) a.k.a. Luise Ulrich was an Austrian actor.

She began her acting career on stage in Vienna before transitioning to film in the 1930s. She became a popular actress in Germany, often starring in romantic comedies and dramas. Ullrich went on to star in over 60 films throughout her career, including "The Congress Dances" and "The White Horse Inn." She also acted in several international productions, including the French film "Austerlitz" and the American film "The Great Waltz." After World War II, Ullrich continued acting in both films and on stage, and also worked as a director for various theaters in Germany.

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