Austrian musicians born in 1960

Here are 7 famous musicians from Austria were born in 1960:

Franz Welser-Möst

Franz Welser-Möst (August 16, 1960 Linz-) a.k.a. Franz Welser-Most is an Austrian conductor and music director.

His discography includes: Pärt: Symphony no. 3 / Fratres / Kancheli: Symphony no. 3, Shadows of Silence, Wesendonck-Lieder / Orchestral Music, Carmina Burana, New Year's Concert 2013, Neujahrskonzert 2011 (Wiener Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Franz Welser-Möst), New Year's Concert 2013 / Neujahrskonzert 2013, The Prince of the Pagodas / The Miraculous Mandarin and Summer Night Concert, Schönbrunn 2010: Moon / Planets / Stars.

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Walter Werzowa

Walter Werzowa (December 15, 1960 Vienna-) otherwise known as Walter Thomas Werzowa or Werzowa, Walter is an Austrian record producer, composer, film score composer and graphic designer. He has three children, Camille Werzowa, Julien Werzowa and Lucca Werzowa.

His albums include Hellraiser V: Inferno.

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Peter Herbert

Peter Herbert (February 29, 1960 Bludenz-) is an Austrian , .

His albums include You're My Thrill. Genres: Jazz and Modern Creative.

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Karlheinz Essl, Jr.

Karlheinz Essl, Jr. (August 15, 1960 Vienna-) is an Austrian , .

composer, performer, improviser, and computer musician known for his work in electronic and contemporary classical music. He studied composition with Friedrich Cerha and participated in masterclasses with György Ligeti, Morton Feldman, and Iannis Xenakis. In addition to his work as a composer, Essl has also written extensively on music theory and computer music. He has been awarded numerous prizes and honors for his contributions to the field, including the Vienna Composition Prize, the Austrian State Prize for Composition, and the Prix Ars Electronica. Today, he continues to perform and compose music while also teaching at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

Essl's music is often characterized by innovative approaches to the use of technology in music composition and performance. He has described his compositions as "algorithmic compositions," which are created using a variety of computer programs that he has developed himself. These programs allow him to create complex soundscapes that can be altered and manipulated in real-time during performances.

In addition to his work in electronic music, Essl has also written for traditional instruments and ensembles, such as his work for string quartet entitled "Sequitur III." He is also well-known for his improvisation skills, which he has showcased in performances with musicians such as the American jazz saxophonist Steve Lacy.

In the realm of music theory, Essl has published several books and articles on topics such as algorithmic composition, microtonality, and the use of technology in music education. He has also been involved in the development of computer programs for teaching music, such as "EarMaster," which is used by musicians around the world to develop their ear training skills.

Essl's contributions to contemporary music have been widely recognized with performances of his work taking place at international festivals such as the Salzburg Festival, the Donaueschingen Festival, and the Gaudeamus Music Week. He has also been a visiting professor at several prestigious universities around the world, such as Stanford University, the California Institute of the Arts, and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria.

Essl's interest in music began at a young age when he started taking piano lessons. As a teenager, he started exploring the avant-garde and electronic music, which eventually led him to study composition with Friedrich Cerha at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. After completing his studies, he began experimenting with computer music, creating his own software applications and programming languages to generate new sounds and compositions.

In addition to his work as a composer and music theorist, Essl has also been an advocate for open-source software and the democratization of music technology. He has given lectures and workshops around the world, promoting the use of free software and open-source technology in music education and composition. Essl has also been involved in the creation of several online platforms for collaborative music-making, such as the "Online Ensemble" project, which allows musicians from around the world to create music together in real-time over the Internet.

Despite his success and accolades, Essl remains grounded and committed to experimentation and collaboration. He sees his work as part of a larger creative process that involves a dialogue between artists, technology, and audiences. "Music is not just about notes and sounds," he has said, "it's about communication and interaction, about bringing people together and creating something new and unexpected."

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Anita (December 22, 1960 Austria-) is an Austrian singer.

Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Micah Barnes

Micah Barnes (May 30, 1960 Vienna-) is an Austrian singer, actor and musician.

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Andy Borg

Andy Borg (November 2, 1960 Vienna-) also known as Adolf Meyer or Adolf Andreas Meyer is an Austrian singer and television presenter. He has two children, Yasmin Borg and Patrick Borg.

His albums include Ich sag es mit Musik, Portrait, Am Anfang war die Liebe, Premium Gold Collection, Adios amor: Die größten Hits (disc 1), Die berühmten drei Worte, Meine schönsten Liebeslieder, Für Dich allein, Meisterstücke and Schlager Rendezvous.

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