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Here are 1 famous musicians from Austria died at 20:

Augustin Lanner

Augustin Lanner (January 23, 1835 Vienna-September 27, 1855 Vienna) also known as August Lanner was an Austrian composer.

He was the son of famed composer and conductor, Joseph Lanner. Like his father, Augustin also became a prominent composer of dance music, particularly polkas and waltzes. He was considered to be a child prodigy and began composing at a young age, often collaborating with his father.

Augustin Lanner's most famous work is probably his "Die Schönbrunner," a piece of dance music named after the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. He continued his father's legacy of composing music for the famous Viennese balls, and his compositions were often played at these events.

Unfortunately, Lanner's career was cut short by his untimely death at the age of 20. He died of tuberculosis, which was a common cause of death at the time. Despite his young age, he was a highly respected composer during his lifetime and left behind a legacy of beautiful and well-loved dance music.

Interestingly, Augustin Lanner was not only a composer, but also a skilled violinist. He often performed with his father's orchestra and was well-known for his virtuosic playing. His talents as a composer and musician were acknowledged by important figures of his time, including Johann Strauss Sr. and Jr. who considered him to be a talented rising star. In fact, Augustin was supposed to take over his father's orchestra after his death; however, his own life was cut short before he could fulfill this role. Despite his short career, his influence on Viennese music was significant, and his compositions continue to be performed and enjoyed to this day.

Augustin Lanner was born into a family of musicians and learned to play several instruments during his childhood, including the piano and the violin. His father recognized his talent early on and began training him in music composition and arranging. At the young age of 14, Augustin gave his first public performance as a violinist, and his compositions were also performed during this concert.

In addition to his musical talents, Augustin was known for his charming and affable personality. He was a popular figure among his contemporaries, and his premature death was mourned by many. His death also had an impact on Viennese music, with some experts speculating that he could have become a leading composer had he lived longer.

Augustin Lanner's music continues to be performed and recorded by modern-day musicians. His legacy is particularly important in the world of dance music, where his works continue to be played at ballroom events and festivals around the world.

Despite his untimely death, Augustin Lanner's influence on Viennese music cannot be underestimated. His compositions were notable for their rich melodic content, and his use of harmony was considered innovative for his time. In particular, his use of brass instruments in polkas and waltzes added a new dimension to the dance music of the day. He was also credited with introducing certain musical themes and motifs that would become commonplace in Viennese music.

Augustin Lanner's works were often compared to those of his father, with some critics noting the similarities in style and composition. However, Augustin's music had a distinct character of its own, and his compositions were often considered more vigorous and exuberant than his father's.

In addition to composing dance music, Augustin Lanner also wrote music for operas and orchestras. Some of his most notable works in this genre include the overtures to his operas "Das Schlittenrennen" and "Das Mädchen am See." Despite his short life, Augustin Lanner left behind a substantial body of work that continues to inspire musicians and lovers of classical music around the world.

There are also reports that Augustin Lanner was an excellent painter, and that he often spent his free time sketching and drawing. Some of his artwork is said to have been exhibited in local galleries, but very little of his artwork has survived to this day. He was a multi-talented individual who showed great promise in several fields, but his untimely death prevented him from fully exploring his potential in these areas. Nevertheless, his contributions to music, art, and culture have endured and continue to inspire future generations. Today, Augustin Lanner is remembered as one of the most gifted composers of the Romantic period, and his legacy remains an important part of the cultural heritage of Austria and Europe.

Augustin Lanner's influence on Viennese music can be seen even in the present day. He has had a significant impact on the genre of light music, and his legacy is still celebrated today. Many orchestras around the world, such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, still perform his works at concerts and festivals. In addition to classical musicians, many contemporary musicians and bands have also been inspired by his music, incorporating his style into their own creative work. Augustin Lanner was truly a genius of his time, and his contributions have left a mark on culture and music that will not be forgotten.

Despite Augustin Lanner's short life, his impact on Viennese music and culture was significant. He was one of the most promising composers of his time and left behind a rich legacy of beautifully crafted dance music, operas, and orchestral works. His compositions continue to be admired for their musical beauty and innovative use of brass instruments, and his reputation as a child prodigy and virtuoso violinist remains unmatched. In recognition of his talents, several streets and squares in Vienna have been named after Augustin Lanner, and his music is celebrated in concerts and festivals around the world. Today, his name is synonymous with the golden age of Viennese dance music, and his influence on the music world can still be felt today.

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