Austrian musicians died at 37

Here are 3 famous musicians from Austria died at 37:

Georg von Peuerbach

Georg von Peuerbach (May 30, 1423 Peuerbach-April 8, 1461 Vienna) was an Austrian mathematician and astronomer.

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Franz Xaver Süssmayr

Franz Xaver Süssmayr (July 22, 1766 Schwanenstadt-September 17, 1803 Vienna) a.k.a. Franz Xaver Sussmayr, Franz Xaver Süßmayr or Süßmayr, Franz Xaver was an Austrian composer.

His albums: and Tausch: Double Clarinet Concertos opp 26, 27 / Süssmayr Concerto Movement in D. Genres he performed: Opera.

He died caused by tuberculosis.

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Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France

Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France (July 5, 1554 Vienna-January 22, 1592 Vienna) was an Austrian personality. She had one child, Marie Elisabeth of France.

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