Austrian musicians died at 42

Here are 2 famous musicians from Austria died at 42:

Robert Kronfeld

Robert Kronfeld (May 5, 1905 Vienna-February 12, 1948 England) was an Austrian aerospace engineer and engineer.

He was best known for his groundbreaking work and research in the field of gliding, and for designing a number of highly advanced gliders during his lifetime. Kronfeld's designs and contributions to glider engineering greatly influenced the evolution of the sport, as well as the development of early powered aircraft. He served as a test pilot and instructor for many years, and was widely respected for his skill, knowledge and innovation. Kronfeld's career was sadly cut short when he was killed in a plane crash in England in 1948, but his legacy as one of the most important figures in the history of aviation endures to this day.

Kronfeld grew up in a Jewish family and showed an early interest in aviation. He started building his own gliders at the age of 15, and by his early 20s, he had become one of the most prominent figures in the Viennese gliding community. Kronfeld's designs were highly innovative and he was responsible for introducing a number of significant improvements to glider technology, including the use of flaps, spoilers and airbrakes. He also helped to develop the concept of dynamic soaring, which uses wind shear to gain altitude.

In 1933, Kronfeld was forced to flee Austria due to the rise of the Nazi regime. He settled in England and continued his work as a glider pilot and engineer. He played an important role in the development of the British gliding movement and designed several gliders for the Royal Air Force. Kronfeld was also an advocate for the use of gliders in scientific research, and was involved in a number of high-profile expeditions to study meteorology and atmospheric physics.

Kronfeld's contributions to aviation were widely recognized during his lifetime. He was awarded the Royal Aero Club's Silver Medal in 1934, and was made a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1946. After his death, the Robert Kronfeld Memorial Trust was established to support research and development in the field of gliding. Kronfeld's legacy continues to inspire generations of glider pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world.

In addition to his groundbreaking work in glider engineering, Kronfeld was also known for his activism in support of progressive causes. He was a committed pacifist and worked with organizations that advocated for disarmament and international cooperation. Kronfeld's political views were shaped in part by his experiences as a Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi persecution. He was deeply committed to social justice and saw aviation as a tool for promoting global understanding and collaboration.

Despite the many challenges he faced during his lifetime, Kronfeld remained dedicated to his work and continued to push the boundaries of what was possible in glider design and engineering. His innovations helped to lay the foundation for the modern field of aviation, and his legacy as a pioneer and visionary endures to this day.

Kronfeld's contributions to the aviation industry were not limited to gliders. He also made significant contributions to the development of early powered aircraft. He worked on several design projects in this field, including the development of the Kronfeld-Schneider Cup Racer, which was designed to compete in the prestigious Schneider Trophy competition. Although the plane was never completed, it featured a number of advanced design features that influenced the development of later aircraft.Kronfeld was also an accomplished writer and journalist. He wrote extensively about his experiences as a glider pilot and engineer, and his articles were widely read and respected in the aviation community. He was a regular contributor to a number of aviation publications, including Soaring Magazine, which he founded in 1935.Kronfeld's dedication to aviation and social justice inspired many in the years following his death. Several books have been written about his life and work, including a biography by his daughter, Sabine Kronfeld, and a memoir by his friend and colleague, Trevor Thom. In 2011, a documentary film about Kronfeld's life and achievements, titled "The Glider Pilot", was released to critical acclaim. Today, Kronfeld is remembered as one of the most influential and innovative figures in the history of aviation, and his legacy continues to inspire new generations of engineers, pilots, and activists.

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Joseph Lanner

Joseph Lanner (April 12, 1801 Vienna-April 14, 1843) a.k.a. Joseph Lanner, Lanner, Josef or Josef Lanner was an Austrian composer. His children are called Augustin Lanner and Katti Lanner.

His albums include Mozart: Divertimenti KV. 136 / 137 / 138 / 12 Deutsche Tänze / Lanner: "Die Mozartisten" and Der Vater des Wiener Walzers.

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