Austrian musicians died at 46

Here are 5 famous musicians from Austria died at 46:

Ferdinand Raimund

Ferdinand Raimund (June 1, 1790 Vienna-September 5, 1836 Pottenstein) was an Austrian writer, actor and playwright.

He died in suicide.

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Paul Kammerer

Paul Kammerer (August 17, 1880 Vienna-September 23, 1926 Puchberg am Schneeberg) was an Austrian scientist.

He died as a result of suicide.

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Viktor Ullmann

Viktor Ullmann (January 1, 1898 Cieszyn-October 18, 1944 Auschwitz concentration camp) also known as Ullmann, Viktor was an Austrian composer.

His discography includes: Der Kaiser von Atlantis (Gewandhausorchester Leipzig feat. conductor: Lothar Zagrosek) and Lost Generation.

He died in gas chamber.

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Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria

Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria (December 27, 1868 Vienna-March 12, 1915 Munich) was an Austrian personality.

He died in tuberculosis.

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Friedrich Maurer

Friedrich Maurer (June 18, 1912-July 10, 1958) was an Austrian personality.

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