Austrian musicians died at 69

Here are 11 famous musicians from Austria died at 69:

Arthur Schnitzler

Arthur Schnitzler (May 15, 1862 Leopoldstadt-October 21, 1931 Vienna) also known as Dr. Arthur Schnitzler was an Austrian playwright, writer and novelist. He had two children, Lili Schnitzler and Heinrich Schnitzler.

He died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

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Karl Rankl

Karl Rankl (October 1, 1898 Gaaden-September 6, 1968 St. Gilgen) was an Austrian composer and opera conductor.

Genres related to him: Opera.

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Gustav Kafka

Gustav Kafka (July 23, 1883 Vienna-February 12, 1953 Veitshöchheim) was an Austrian psychologist and philosopher.

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Heinrich Proch

Heinrich Proch (July 22, 1809 Vienna-December 18, 1878 Vienna) otherwise known as Proch, Heinrich was an Austrian conductor.

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Carl Braun

Carl Braun (March 22, 1822 Zistersdorf-March 28, 1891 Vienna) otherwise known as Karl von Braun-Fernwald was an Austrian personality.

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Heinrich Gomperz

Heinrich Gomperz (January 18, 1873 Vienna-December 27, 1942 Los Angeles) was an Austrian philosopher.

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Weegee (June 12, 1899 Zolochiv-December 26, 1968 New York City) otherwise known as Arthur Fellig, Arthur H. Fellig or Arthur 'Weegee' Fellig was an Austrian photographer and journalist.

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Archduke Rainer Joseph of Austria

Archduke Rainer Joseph of Austria (September 30, 1783 Pisa-January 16, 1853 Bolzano) was an Austrian personality. He had four children, Archduke Rainer Ferdinand of Austria, Archduke Leopold Ludwig of Austria, Adelaide of Austria and Archduke Ernest of Austria.

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Johann Tauscher

Johann Tauscher (March 31, 1909-January 21, 1979) was an Austrian personality.

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Heinrich Friedjung

Heinrich Friedjung (January 18, 1851 Roštín-July 14, 1920 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Anton Rintelen

Anton Rintelen (November 15, 1876 Graz-January 28, 1946 Graz) was an Austrian personality.

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