Austrian musicians died at 80

Here are 21 famous musicians from Austria died at 80:

Walter Slezak

Walter Slezak (May 3, 1902 Vienna-April 21, 1983 Flower Hill) also known as Walt Slezak was an Austrian actor. He had three children, Leo Slezak, Erika Slezak and Ingrid Slezak.

He died in suicide.

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Otto Preminger

Otto Preminger (December 5, 1905 Vyzhnytsia-April 23, 1986 New York City) also known as Otto Ludwig Preminger or Otto the Ogre was an Austrian film director, actor, film producer and theatre director. He had three children, Erik Lee Preminger, Victoria Preminger and Mark Preminger.

He died caused by alzheimer's disease.

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Ernst Hinterberger

Ernst Hinterberger (October 17, 1931 Vienna-May 14, 2012 Vienna) was an Austrian writer.

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Karl von Terzaghi

Karl von Terzaghi (October 2, 1883 Prague-October 25, 1963 Winchester) was an Austrian scientist, civil engineer and engineer.

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Marcus Schmuck

Marcus Schmuck (April 18, 1925 Austria-August 21, 2005 Salzburg) was an Austrian mountaineer.

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Peter R. Hofstätter

Peter R. Hofstätter (October 20, 1913 Vienna-June 13, 1994 Buxtehude) also known as Peter R. Hofstatter was an Austrian psychologist.

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Bernhard Wicki

Bernhard Wicki (October 28, 1919 Sankt Pölten-January 3, 2000 Munich) also known as Bernard Wicki or Bernard Wicky was an Austrian film director, actor, screenwriter, photographer, television director and voice actor.

He died in heart failure.

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Wilhelm Gericke

Wilhelm Gericke (May 18, 1845 Schwanberg-October 27, 1925 Vienna) was an Austrian conductor.

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Balthasar Permoser

Balthasar Permoser (August 13, 1651 Traunstein-February 20, 1732 Dresden) was an Austrian personality.

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Andreas Okopenko

Andreas Okopenko (March 15, 1930 Košice-June 27, 2010 Vienna) was an Austrian writer.

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Joseph von Quarin

Joseph von Quarin (November 19, 1733 Vienna-March 19, 1814 Vienna) was an Austrian physician.

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Hans Hollein

Hans Hollein (March 30, 1934 Vienna-April 24, 2014 Vienna) was an Austrian architect.

He died in disease.

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Rupert von Trapp

Rupert von Trapp (November 1, 1911 Pula-February 22, 1992 Stowe) was an Austrian singer. His children are Monique von Trapp, Francoise von Trapp, Stephanie von Trapp and Christopher von Trapp.

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Felix Weltsch

Felix Weltsch (October 6, 1884 Prague-November 9, 1964 Jerusalem) was an Austrian writer.

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Gustav Bergmann

Gustav Bergmann (May 4, 1906 Vienna-April 21, 1987 Iowa City) was an Austrian philosopher.

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Theodor Gomperz

Theodor Gomperz (March 29, 1832 Brno-August 29, 1912 Baden bei Wien) was an Austrian philosopher. He had one child, Heinrich Gomperz.

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Archduke Louis of Austria

Archduke Louis of Austria (December 13, 1784 Florence-December 21, 1864 Vienna) was an Austrian personality.

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Hans Bemmann

Hans Bemmann (April 27, 1922 Groitzsch-April 1, 2003 Bonn) was an Austrian writer.

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Arthur Schütz

Arthur Schütz (January 25, 1880 Saint Petersburg-February 9, 1960 Vienna) was an Austrian engineer and writer.

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Eduard Zirm

Eduard Zirm (March 18, 1863 Vienna-March 15, 1944) was an Austrian personality.

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Emanuel Löwy

Emanuel Löwy (September 1, 1857 Vienna-February 11, 1938 Vienna) also known as Emanuel Lowy was an Austrian personality.

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