Austrian music stars deceased in Firearm

Here are 1 famous musicians from Austria died in Firearm:

Anton Webern

Anton Webern (December 3, 1883 Vienna-September 15, 1945 Mittersill) also known as Webern, Anton Werbern, Webern, Anton or Anton Friedrich Wilhelm von Webern was an Austrian composer and conductor. He had one child, Amalie Webern.

His most important albums: Complete Works (Juilliard String Quartet & London Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez), Boulez Conducts Webern II (Berliner Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez), Boulez Conducts Webern, Boulez Conducts Webern III (Berlin Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Pierre Boulez), Complete Works for String Quartet and String Trio, Symphony, Op. 21 / Six Pieces, Op. 6 / Concerto for Nine Instruments, Op. 24 (feat. conductor: Robert Craft), Complete Music for String Quartet (Quartetto Italiano), Complete Webern, Lieder (Dorow, Jansen) and L'Oeuvre pour quatuor a cordes (Quatuor Debussy). Genres he performed include Serialism, 20th-century classical music and Atonal music.

Anton Webern was part of the Second Viennese School alongside Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg. He studied music theory and composition with Schoenberg and eventually became his disciple. Webern's compositions were characterized by their brevity, often lasting only a few minutes, and their highly structured, serialist approach to composition. He also conducted and taught music throughout his career. Webern's life and career were cut short when he was accidentally shot and killed by an American army soldier shortly after the end of World War II. Despite his short career and tragic death, Webern is widely regarded as one of the most important composers of the 20th century.

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