Austrian music stars deceased in Gas chamber

Here are 1 famous musicians from Austria died in Gas chamber:

Viktor Ullmann

Viktor Ullmann (January 1, 1898 Cieszyn-October 18, 1944 Auschwitz concentration camp) also known as Ullmann, Viktor was an Austrian composer.

His discography includes: Der Kaiser von Atlantis (Gewandhausorchester Leipzig feat. conductor: Lothar Zagrosek) and Lost Generation.

He was born to a Jewish family and studied composition and piano with famous musicians including Arnold Schoenberg and Alexander von Zemlinsky. In the 1920s and 1930s, Ullmann composed a variety of music, including operas, chamber music, and songs. He also worked as an assistant conductor at the Zurich Opera House.

In 1942, Ullman was deported to a concentration camp in Theresienstadt, where he continued to write music under difficult conditions. He wrote his most famous work, the opera "Der Kaiser von Atlantis," while in the camp. Unfortunately, he and most of the cast were later sent to Auschwitz, where they were killed.

Ullmann's music was ignored for several decades after his death, but in recent years, there has been renewed interest in his work. His compositions are known for their innovative harmonies and use of dissonance, and his unique voice in 20th-century music continues to inspire musicians today.

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