Austrian music stars deceased in Heart failure

Here are 1 famous musicians from Austria died in Heart failure:

Maria von Trapp

Maria von Trapp (January 26, 1905 Vienna-March 28, 1987 Morrisville) otherwise known as Maria Augusta von Trapp, Baroness Maria Augusta von Trapp, Maria Augusta Kutschera or Maria Augusta Trapp was an Austrian singer and governess. She had three children, Johannes von Trapp, Eleonore von Trapp and Rosemarie von Trapp.

Maria von Trapp is most famously known as the matriarch of the von Trapp family, which was the inspiration for the beloved musical and film, "The Sound of Music". After her husband, Georg von Trapp, lost his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929, Maria began to teach music to the family to support them. She later joined the Trapp Family Singers and performed with them for many years. She also authored several books about her family's experiences and later became a U.S. citizen. Despite the popularity of "The Sound of Music", Maria von Trapp was known for her humility and dedication to her family and faith.

In addition to her musical and literary contributions, Maria von Trapp was also recognized for her humanitarian work. She founded the Trapp Family Austrian Relief, Inc. in 1947 to aid war-torn Europe and helped to establish the first post-World War II relief program in Austria. She also worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to assist refugees from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Maria von Trapp passed away at the age of 82 in Morrisville, Vermont, leaving behind a legacy that has touched the hearts of many. Today, the von Trapp family continues to own and operate a resort in Vermont, where they offer visitors their singing and hospitality, much like they did in Austria before fleeing the country during World War II.

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