Austrian music stars deceased in Leukemia

Here are 3 famous musicians from Austria died in Leukemia:

Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke (December 4, 1875 Prague-December 29, 1926 Montreux) a.k.a. Rilke or Rilke, Rainer Maria was an Austrian poet, writer, novelist and art critic.

His albums: , , and .

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Ernestine Schumann-Heink

Ernestine Schumann-Heink (June 15, 1861 LibeĊˆ-November 17, 1936 Hollywood) also known as Schumann-Heink, Ernestine, Ernestine Roessler, Ernestine Schumann or Schumann, Ernestine was an Austrian singer and actor. Her children are called Ferdinand Schumann-Heink, George Washington Schumann, August Heink, Walter Schumann and Henry Heink.

Her albums: Danny Boy.

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Ludwig Donath

Ludwig Donath (March 6, 1900 Vienna-September 29, 1967 New York City) a.k.a. Louis Donath was an Austrian actor.

He began his acting career in Vienna in the 1920s and later became a well-known stage actor in Berlin. Donath's film career began in 1931 and he acted in over 50 films, including the classic film "Judgment at Nuremberg". After fleeing Nazi Germany, he settled in the United States in 1939 and continued acting on Broadway and in Hollywood. Donath became known for his naturalistic acting style and was highly respected in the industry for his talent. He also worked as a drama coach for many actors in New York City. Donath died in 1967 at the age of 67 in New York City.

While in the United States, Ludwig Donath played in various Broadway productions including "Annie Get Your Gun" and "The Diary of Anne Frank". He also acted in numerous television shows such as "The Twilight Zone", "The Untouchables", "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", and "The Fugitive". Additionally, Donath voiced the character of Geppetto in the 1940 Walt Disney animated film "Pinocchio". He was awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art in recognition of his contribution to the Austrian culture. With a career spanning over four decades, Donath's contribution to the entertainment industry remains significant.

Donath's distinguished career saw him perform alongside such well-known actors as Marlon Brando, Bette Davis, and Gregory Peck. He was also a regular performer on the radio, appearing in numerous dramas and comedies. Donath was known for his impeccable timing and his ability to bring depth and nuance to his characters. In addition to his work as a drama coach, he was also an accomplished linguist, fluent in German, English, French, and Italian. Donath's legacy continues to live on today, and he is remembered as one of the great actors of his generation.

In addition to his accomplishments on stage and in film, Ludwig Donath was also an accomplished painter. He studied at the "Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt" in Vienna and his works were exhibited in Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. He was known for his expressive and colorful paintings that often depicted scenes from everyday life.

Donath was also an avid collector of art and antiques. He had a passion for collecting rare books, manuscripts, and antique furniture. His collection was known to be one of the finest in New York City and included works by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci.

Donath was married to actress Lotte Strauss and they had one son together. His son, John Donath, went on to become a successful stage actor in his own right.

Ludwig Donath was a man of many talents and his contributions to the arts continue to be celebrated today. He was a true artist who dedicated his life to his craft and left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

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