Azerbaijani movie stars died in 1990

Here are 1 famous actors from Azerbaijan died in 1990:

Gamlet Khani-zade

Gamlet Khani-zade (June 5, 1941 Baku-February 23, 1990 Baku) a.k.a. Hamlet Xanizada or Hamlet Khanizade was an Azerbaijani actor.

Gamlet Khani-zade began his acting career in 1960 at the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators. He was known for his dynamic range and versatility as an actor, appearing in a variety of roles in both plays and films. Khani-zade was also a director and screenwriter, having created several films throughout his career.

In addition to his work in the arts, Khani-zade was also a political activist. He was involved in the political movements that led to Azerbaijan's independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, and was a vocal advocate for democracy and human rights.

Tragically, Khani-zade's life was cut short when he was killed during the violent dissolution of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1990. Despite his untimely death, his work as an actor and political activist continue to be remembered and celebrated in Azerbaijan today.

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