Azerbaijani musicians died at 39

Here are 1 famous musicians from Azerbaijan died at 39:

Vagif Mustafazadeh

Vagif Mustafazadeh (March 16, 1940 Baku-December 16, 1979 Tashkent) also known as Vagif Mustafa Zadeh or Vagif Mustafazade was an Azerbaijani composer. He had one child, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh.

His discography includes: Anthology and . Genres related to him: Jazz.

Vagif Mustafazadeh is considered to be the founder of Azerbaijani jazz and was one of the most popular and influential musicians of his time. He was a talented pianist who blended Eastern and Western musical traditions to create a unique sound that would become known as "jazz mugham". He performed extensively throughout the Soviet Union and other countries, and his music continues to be celebrated in Azerbaijan and beyond. In addition to his musical career, Mustafazadeh was also a trained mathematician and worked as a teacher before fully dedicating himself to music. Despite his relatively short life, his legacy lives on through his music and through his daughter Aziza, who has also become a renowned musician in her own right.

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