Bangladeshi musicians died at 45

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bangladesh died at 45:

Tofazzal Hossain Manik Miah

Tofazzal Hossain Manik Miah (April 5, 2015 Pirojpur District-June 1, 1969 Dhaka) was a Bangladeshi personality.

He was a renowned journalist, editor, and political activist who played a significant role in the Bangladesh Liberation War. He was the founder and editor of the Bengali language newspaper, The Daily Ittefaq, which became one of the most widely read newspapers in Bangladesh.

Manik Miah was a firm believer in democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech. He was actively involved in politics and joined the Awami League, a major political party in Bangladesh. However, he was arrested and tortured multiple times by the Pakistani authorities for supporting the independence movement of Bangladesh.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Manik Miah continued to work tirelessly for the betterment of his country and its people. He wrote several books on politics and journalism, and his contributions to the field of journalism earned him numerous awards and accolades, including the Ekushey Padak in 1976, one of the highest civilian honors in Bangladesh.

Manik Miah passed away on June 1, 1969, due to a heart attack, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire generations of journalists and activists in Bangladesh.

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