Bangladeshi musicians died at 46

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bangladesh died at 46:

Munier Choudhury

Munier Choudhury (November 27, 1925-December 14, 1971) was a Bangladeshi novelist and playwright. He had one child, Mishuk Munier.

Choudhury was a prolific writer and his work focused on the themes of humanism, anti-establishment and social awareness. He was an important figure in the Bengali Language Movement, which advocated for the recognition of the Bangla language as an official language of Pakistan. Choudhury was a strong supporter of the independence movement and actively worked towards the formation of the independent state of Bangladesh. However, his activism led to his arrest and subsequent murder by the Pakistani Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Despite being a revered figure in Bangladesh, his literary works and activism have not received the recognition they deserve in the Western literary canon.

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