Bangladeshi music stars died in Renal failure

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bangladesh died in Renal failure:

Ali Akbar Khan

Ali Akbar Khan (April 14, 1922 Comilla-June 18, 2009 San Anselmo) otherwise known as Khan, Ustad Ali Akbar, Khan, Ali Akbar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Khansahib, Ustad or Ostad Ali Akbar Khan was a Bangladeshi classical indian music performer, composer, musician and film score composer. He had seven children, Aashish Khan, Alam Khan, Manik Khan, Medina Khan, Pranesh Khan, Dhyanesh Khan and Amaresh Khan.

His albums include Journey, Legacy, Swara Samrat, Artistic Sound Of Sarod, Passing on the Tradition, Plays Alap: A Sarod Solo (disc 2), Traditional Music of India, The 80 Minute Raga, Then and Now: The Music of the Great Master Continues and AIR, Volume 1. His related genres: North Indian Classical, Hindustani classical music, Indian classical music and Film score.

Born in Bangladesh, Ali Akbar Khan was a renowned Sarod player of Hindustani classical music. He learned music from his father, Allauddin Khan, who was also a musician and was the founder of the Senia Maihar Gharana. Khan was known for his attention to detail and his mastery over the nuances of Indian classical music.

He performed and composed music for a number of Bollywood films such as Aandhi, Madhushala, Householder and Devi. In addition to his musical career, he also established the Ali Akbar College of Music in California, which is dedicated to the education and promotion of Indian classical music.

Over the course of his lifetime, his numerous awards included a MacArthur Fellowship, the National Heritage Fellowship, and the Padma Vibhushan, which is one of the highest civilian honours in India. Despite his passing in 2009, his legacy as a master of Indian classical music continues to inspire musicians and listeners alike.

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