Belarusian movie stars died in 1987

Here are 1 famous actors from Belarus died in 1987:

Raphael Klatchkin

Raphael Klatchkin (January 15, 1905 Grodno-May 27, 1987 Tel Aviv) otherwise known as Rafael Klatchkin or Rafael Klaczkin was a Belarusian actor.

Beginning his career in the Yiddish theater in Poland, Klatchkin later moved to Israel and became a prominent figure in Israeli theater and cinema. He performed in a variety of languages, including Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, and Polish, and was known for his ability to play a wide range of characters, from comedic to dramatic. Some of his notable film roles include "Hill 24 Doesn't Answer" (1955) and "Yesterday's Enemy" (1959). Klatchkin was also a founding member of the Israel Actors Association and served as its president for several years. He was awarded the Israel Prize in 1982 for his contribution to Israeli theater.

In addition to his successful acting career, Raphael Klatchkin was also a highly regarded drama teacher. He taught at the Israel Institute of Dramatic Arts and at Tel Aviv University's theater department, inspiring many young actors and actresses. Klatchkin was also a prolific translator of dramatic works, including plays by Anton Chekhov and Bertolt Brecht. He translated these works into Hebrew and Yiddish, making them accessible to Israeli and Yiddish-speaking audiences. Despite his success in Israel, Klatchkin never forgot his roots and maintained close ties to the Yiddish theater community in Poland. He often traveled to Poland to perform in Yiddish productions and was a regular at the international Yiddish theater festival in Warsaw. Raphael Klatchkin passed away in Tel Aviv in 1987, leaving behind a legacy as a versatile actor, passionate drama teacher, and translator who helped bring important works of world theater to Israeli and Yiddish-speaking audiences.

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