Belgian actors who were born in 1967

Here are 12 famous actors from Belgium were born in 1967:

Jack Lawrence

Jack Lawrence (January 27, 1967 Ghent-) a.k.a. Jack, Lawrence Elvis Guynes, Steve Crest or Jack Lawerence is a Belgian pornographic film actor, police officer, actor and professional road racing cyclist.

Johan Heldenbergh

Johan Heldenbergh (May 11, 1967 Wilrijk-) is a Belgian actor, writer and theatre director. He has three children, Tita Johanna Heldenbergh, Cosmo Heldenbergh and Jona Heldenbergh.

Wim Willaert

Wim Willaert (March 19, 1967 Nieuwpoort, Belgium-) is a Belgian actor and film score composer.

Tom Van Landuyt

Tom Van Landuyt (May 7, 1967 Leuven-) is a Belgian actor and singer. His children are called Bloem Van Landuyt, Mensje Frédérique Van Landuyt and Zus Marie Van Landuyt.

Günther Lesage

Günther Lesage (November 17, 1967 Ardooie-) also known as Gunther Lesage is a Belgian actor.

Dries Van Hegen

Dries Van Hegen (July 8, 1967 Ostend-) otherwise known as Dries Vanhegen is a Belgian actor and author.

Olivier Minne

Olivier Minne (March 18, 1967 Ixelles-) a.k.a. Olivier Mine is a Belgian actor, television producer, screenwriter and film producer.

Erik Goossens

Erik Goossens (October 19, 1967 Wilrijk-) also known as Goossens, Erik, L3 or Erik Walter Johan Goossens is a Belgian actor and singer. His children are called Noa Goossens and Milà Goossens.

Jean-Michel Balthazar

Jean-Michel Balthazar (January 25, 1967-) is a Belgian actor.

Patrick Alen

Patrick Alen (November 25, 1967 Rocourt, Liège-) also known as Francis Joskin is a Belgian musician, film director, actor, singer-songwriter and television producer.

Peter Van De Velde

Peter Van De Velde (January 15, 1967 Lier, Belgium-) is a Belgian actor.

Patrick Ridremont

Patrick Ridremont (August 9, 1967 Kinshasa-) is a Belgian actor, comedian and voice actor.

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