Belgian actors who deceased in 2008

Here are 1 famous actors from Belgium died in 2008:

Severin Wunderman

Severin Wunderman (November 19, 1938 Brussels-June 25, 2008 Nice) was a Belgian actor and manufacturer. He had one child, Michael Wunderman.

Severin Wunderman was famous for his contributions to the watch-making industry, having founded the luxury watch brand, Corum. He started his career in the industry at a young age, working for his uncle's watch company, Ryser-Kentfield. He later went to the United States and became the president of Corum's US subsidiary before eventually acquiring the entire brand in 1999.

Aside from his successful career in watch-making, Wunderman was also an avid art collector and philanthropist. He owned a vast collection of Salvador Dali's artworks, and even established the Severin Wunderman Museum in Irvine, California, to showcase his collection. He also supported various charities, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Wunderman continued to work until his death in 2008, and his impact on the watch-making industry can still be seen today through the enduring legacy of Corum.

Wunderman's passion for watches was evident not only in his business ventures but also in his personal life. He was known to always wear a watch on each wrist, a habit he started in order to keep track of time in different time zones. In addition to Corum, he also founded other watch brands like the eponymous Severin Montres and the Swiss Military watch brand. He was posthumously inducted into the Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI) in recognition of his contributions to the watch-making industry.

Aside from his love for watches and art, Wunderman was also an accomplished author, having written several books including his autobiography, "Swiss Made: The Untold Story Behind Switzerland’s Success", and "The Magic of Watches", a comprehensive guide to the history and craftsmanship of watches.

Wunderman's legacy extends beyond his professional achievements and philanthropic endeavors. He was known for his larger-than-life personality and his ability to inspire others, something he often attributed to his lifelong struggle with dyslexia. He believed that his learning disability taught him the value of perseverance and creativity, qualities that served him well throughout his life.

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