Belgian actresses who deceased at age 64

Here are 1 famous actresses from Belgium died at 64:

Maïté Nahyr

Maïté Nahyr (October 25, 1947 Wilrijk-August 19, 2012 Marseille) also known as Nahyr Noemi Marguerit Meerbergen was a Belgian actor.

She was born in Wilrijk, Belgium and began her acting career in the early 1970s. Nahyr appeared in a number of films and television series throughout her career, both in Belgium and France. She was particularly known for her work in French cinema, where she appeared in films such as "Le Khédive" and "Légitime Violence". In addition to her acting career, Nahyr was also an accomplished painter and exhibited her work in galleries throughout Europe. She passed away on August 19th, 2012 in Marseille, France at the age of 64.

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