Belgian actresses who deceased at age 76

Here are 2 famous actresses from Belgium died at 76:

Ann Petersen

Ann Petersen (June 22, 1927 Wuustwezel-December 11, 2003 Opwijk) also known as Annie Peeters or Anne Petersen was a Belgian actor.

She started her career on the stage in 1955 and later ventured into film and television. Petersen became a household name in Belgium due to her numerous acting roles, particularly her role as "Emma" in the popular television series "Witse". She was also known for her roles in films such as "De Witte van Sichem" and "Ben X".

Petersen was a celebrated actor in her hometown of Brussels and was awarded the title of "Cultural Ambassador of Flanders" in 1995. She was known for her versatility and ability to portray a wide range of characters throughout her career.

Throughout her lifetime, Petersen also worked as a director and drama coach, passing on her knowledge and experience to the next generation of actors. She received numerous accolades for her work in the arts, including the Flemish Community Culture Prize in 1997.

Petersen passed away in 2003 at the age of 76, leaving behind a legacy as one of Belgium's most beloved and talented actors.

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Annie Fargé

Annie Fargé (April 15, 1934 Etterbeek-March 4, 2011 Neuilly-sur-Seine) also known as Henriette Goldfarb, Anne Farge, Annie Farge, Ann Farge or Annie Fargé was a Belgian actor. Her child is Leslie Tabuteau.

Annie Fargé was born in Etterbeek, Belgium to Jewish parents who immigrated to Belgium from Poland. She started her career as a cabaret singer in the 1950s, and later transitioned to acting. She appeared in several films, including "À double tour" (1959), "Le Grand Escogriffe" (1976), and "Le pion" (1978). She also acted in many French television series, such as "Les Cordier, juge et flic" (1992-1995) and "Commissaire Moulin" (1989-2006).

Fargé was known for her unique voice and versatile performances, and was greatly admired by her fellow actors. In addition to her work in entertainment, she was also involved in politics and social causes, particularly relating to women's rights.

Fargé passed away on March 4, 2011, at the age of 76, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. She is remembered for her significant contributions to French and Belgian culture, and her legacy continues to inspire future generations of artists.

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