Belgian actresses who deceased in 2001

Here are 1 famous actresses from Belgium died in 2001:

Carlotta Bologna

Carlotta Bologna (January 17, 1909 Ghent-March 27, 2001 Kraków) was a Belgian actor.

She began her acting career in the 1920s, primarily working in theater productions in Belgium and France. In the 1940s, she began appearing in films, often in supporting roles. Her most notable film role came in 1956, when she played the mother of Audrey Hepburn's character in the classic film "War and Peace." Bologna continued acting in films and on television into the 1990s, primarily in European productions. She was also a respected acting coach, teaching at several drama schools throughout Europe.

Bologna was born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1909. Her parents were both actors, and she grew up in the theater world. She began performing on stage at a young age, and by her early twenties, she was already an accomplished stage actress. Bologna's beauty and talent soon caught the attention of filmmakers, and in the 1940s, she began her film career.

Throughout her career, Bologna worked with some of the most talented actors and directors of her time. In addition to "War and Peace," she appeared in several other classic films, including "The Sun Also Rises" and "The Leopard." Despite her success in films, Bologna continued to work in theater throughout her life, often performing in both French and Flemish productions.

Bologna's passion for acting was matched only by her dedication to teaching the craft. She was a respected acting coach, known for her ability to bring out the best in her students. She taught at several drama schools throughout Europe, including the Drama Centre London and the Paris Conservatory.

Bologna retired from acting in the 1990s, but her legacy lived on through the many actors she had mentored over the years. She passed away in Krakow, Poland, in 2001, at the age of 92. Today, she is remembered as a true pioneer of Belgian and European cinema and theater.

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