Belgian actresses died as a result of Tuberculosis

Here are 1 famous actresses from Belgium died in Tuberculosis:

Yvonne George

Yvonne George (November 27, 1896 Brussels-May 16, 1930 Genoa) also known as Yvonne de Knops was a Belgian actor.

Yvonne George was a versatile actress, known for her performances in both the French and English language. She began her acting career in the early 1920s, performing in various plays and musicals in Brussels and Paris. In 1927, Yvonne George made her film debut in the silent film "La Petite Chocolatière". She quickly became a popular actress in the French cinema, appearing in several films including "Le Roi des Aulnes" and "Madame Black". Yvonne George's talent and striking appearance made her an icon of French cinema during the late 1920s. Sadly, her promising career was cut short when she died at the young age of 33 due to complications from appendicitis. Despite her short career, Yvonne George left behind a legacy as one of the most captivating actresses of her time.

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