Belgian musicians who were born in 1957

Here are 6 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1957:

Herman Brusselmans

Herman Brusselmans (October 9, 1957 Hamme-) also known as Herman Frans Martha Brusselmans is a Belgian author and actor.

His discography includes: Val Dood!.

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Nicholas Lens

Nicholas Lens (November 14, 1957 Ypres-) also known as Lens, Nicholas is a Belgian composer, author, film director and music director.

His albums include Orrori dell’Amore, Flamma Flamma - The Fire Requiem, Amor Aeternus - Hymns of Love and Terra Terra - The Aquarius Era. Genres he performed include Film score.

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Emly Starr

Emly Starr (September 5, 1957 Laarne-) is a Belgian , .

singer and performer, known for her over-the-top stage persona and flamboyant costumes. She rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s with hits such as "Rock Me Baby" and "Samson". Starr was also known for her controversial appearances, and was once banned from performing in some venues due to her provocative stage presence. She retired from the music industry in the mid-1980s, but her legacy continues to influence Belgian pop culture to this day. In addition to her music career, Starr also dabbled in acting and appeared in several films and TV shows.

She was born in Laarne, Belgium, and began her music career as a teenage singer in local bands. Starr's breakthrough came in 1977 when she was discovered by Belgian producer Marc Van Beveren, who helped her secure a recording contract with RCA Records. Her debut album "Emly Starr Explosion" was released in 1978, and included the hit single "Samson", which topped the charts in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Starr's theatrical style and outrageous costumes quickly earned her a reputation as a showstopper, and she became a fixture on the European music scene throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. She toured extensively throughout Europe, and even made a few appearances in the US, although she never achieved significant success there.

Starr's popularity began to wane in the mid-1980s, and she retired from the music industry in 1986. She later dabbled in acting, appearing in several Belgian films and TV shows, and worked as a DJ and radio host. Despite her relatively short-lived music career, Starr's legacy continues to inspire performers in Belgium and beyond, and she is regarded as a trailblazer for eccentric and flamboyant musicians.

As an artist, Emly Starr was not only known for her music and stage presence, but also for her fashion sense. She often wore elaborate and over-the-top costumes, which added to her unique persona. Her style was influenced by glam rock and punk, and she was often compared to David Bowie and Freddie Mercury in terms of her boldness and creativity. Starr's music also reflected this genre-blending approach, incorporating elements of rock, disco, and pop.

After retiring from the music industry, Starr remained a beloved figure in Belgian pop culture. She continued to make occasional appearances on television and in the media, and her music has been covered and sampled by several contemporary Belgian artists. In 2016, a documentary about her life and career, "Emly Starr - The Voice of the Trash Generation", was released in Belgium, cementing her place as a cultural icon.

Throughout her career, Emly Starr challenged conventional norms of gender, identity, and performance in the music industry. Her legacy continues to inspire and influence a new generation of musicians and performers who value creativity, individuality, and self-expression.

Starr's impact went beyond her musical and fashion choices. She was seen as a trailblazer in the world of entertainment and an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Starr was one of the first openly gay celebrities in Belgium, and her boldness in living an authentic life helped pave the way for more acceptance and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community. She was also a vocal supporter of AIDS-related charities and participated in many fundraisers for the cause. Even in retirement, Starr continued to use her platform to advocate for marginalized and underrepresented communities. Despite facing backlash and censorship during her career, Starr remained unapologetically herself and left a lasting legacy as a fierce and passionate performer.

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Marcel Vanthilt

Marcel Vanthilt (August 24, 1957 Lommel-) a.k.a. Vanthilt, Marcel is a Belgian , .

Marcel Vanthilt is a Belgian singer, television presenter, and media personality. He rose to fame in the 1980s as the lead singer of the band Arbeid Adelt!. After the band's breakup, he embarked on a solo career, releasing several albums and singles over the years.

Vanthilt is also well-known for his work as a television presenter, hosting a variety of programs in Belgium and the Netherlands. He has hosted game shows, talk shows, travel shows, and music shows, among other genres. He is particularly associated with the popular music program "BRT Top Pop", which he hosted in the 1980s.

Aside from his entertainment career, Vanthilt is also a noted artist and photographer. He has exhibited his work in galleries in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, and has published several books of his photography.

Vanthilt is known for his quirky, irreverent style and his willingness to take risks and try new things. He has been a key figure in Belgian popular culture for decades, and continues to be a beloved and influential figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his various career accomplishments, Marcel Vanthilt is also known for his political activism. He has been an outspoken advocate for environmental causes and has demonstrated a commitment to green living throughout his life, including through his use of alternative energy sources and sustainable transportation. Vanthilt has also been involved in various humanitarian and social justice campaigns, including efforts to combat poverty and support refugees. Despite his many achievements and interests, Vanthilt has remained humble and down-to-earth, earning him the respect and admiration of fans and colleagues alike.

In 2011, Marcel Vanthilt participated in a unique project called "Electric Dreams" where he traveled across Europe, moving between cities using only electric cars and bicycles. The project was aimed at promoting sustainable transportation, and Vanthilt documented his experiences in a book and a documentary film. He has also been a spokesperson and advocate for various green initiatives and projects.In recent years, Marcel Vanthilt has continued to be active in the music and entertainment industries. He released an album in 2017 called "De Kleuren Van De Regenboog" (The Colors of the Rainbow), and has made guest appearances on several television programs. He also continues to pursue his artistic and photographic interests, often exhibiting his work in galleries and museums. Despite his many achievements and accomplishments, Marcel Vanthilt remains committed to living a simple, sustainable, and fulfilling life, and is regarded as a true icon of Belgian culture.

Marcel Vanthilt has been a prominent figure in the Belgian music scene for over three decades. In addition to his work with Arbeid Adelt! and his solo career, he has collaborated with numerous other artists and musicians. He has also been involved in several music festivals and events, including the "Rock Werchter" festival, one of the largest music festivals in Europe, which he hosted in the mid-1990s.Vanthilt has also worked as a writer and journalist. He has contributed articles and columns to various newspapers and magazines, and has published several books. His writing reflects his wide range of interests, including music, art, culture, and social issues.Marcel Vanthilt is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative television personalities in Belgian history. He has won numerous awards for his work as a presenter, including several "Best Presenter" awards at the Belgian television awards. He is known for his charismatic and humorous approach, and for his ability to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Vanthilt has also been praised for his ability to tackle sensitive and controversial topics with sensitivity and insight, and for his commitment to promoting social justice and human rights.In addition to his work in entertainment and the media, Marcel Vanthilt is also a passionate traveler and adventurer. He has visited every continent on earth, and has documented his travels in numerous books and films. He is also an avid sportsman, and has competed in several endurance events, including marathons and triathlons. Through his various activities and pursuits, Vanthilt has become a true icon of Belgian culture and a role model for people around the world.

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Johan Hoogewijs

Johan Hoogewijs (December 22, 1957 Belgium-) also known as Hoogewijs, Johan is a Belgian musician, composer and film score composer.

His most important albums: Witse. Genres related to him: Film score.

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Bert Joris

Bert Joris (January 18, 1957 Antwerp-) otherwise known as Joris, Bert is a Belgian film score composer, music arranger, trumpeter and composer.

His albums include .

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