Belgian musicians who were born in 1981

Here are 5 famous musicians from Belgium were born in 1981:

Silvy De Bie

Silvy De Bie (January 4, 1981 Heist-op-den-Berg-) a.k.a. Silvy, Bie, Silvy de, Silvy de Bie or Silvy Melody is a Belgian , .

Genres related to her: Dance music and Pop music.

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Evi Goffin

Evi Goffin (February 27, 1981 Antwerp-) a.k.a. Medusa or Goffin, Evi is a Belgian , .

singer and songwriter. She started her music career in the early 2000s with the band Lasgo, which quickly became one of the most successful dance acts in Belgium. Together with Lasgo, Evi released several chart-topping singles such as "Something", "Alone", and "Pray". In 2008, she left the band to pursue a solo career under the name Medusa.

As Medusa, Evi released her first solo single "Duchess" in 2008. The song became a hit in Belgium and other European countries. Her debut album called "Evi Goffin" was released in 2010, which was a collaboration with Belgian DJ and producer Regi Penxten. In 2012, Evi was the runner-up on the Belgian version of the TV show "The Voice".

Besides her music career, Evi is also a trained hairdresser and owns a hair salon in Antwerp. Additionally, she has also been involved in several charity projects.

In 2015, Evi collaborated with Belgian singer Kate Ryan on the single "Surrender". The song was well received and reached the top 10 in Belgium's Ultratop 50 chart. Evi has also collaborated with other artists such as DJ Rebel and Koen Buyse. In 2019, she released a new single called "Tired" which was written and produced together with her boyfriend, Pieterjan Verachtert. Evi is known for her powerful vocals and her ability to blend dance and pop music. She is considered as one of the most successful female dance music artists in Belgium. Evi continues to perform regularly and works on new music.

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Milow (July 14, 1981 Borgerhout-) otherwise known as Jonathan Vandenbroeck is a Belgian singer-songwriter and musician.

His albums: The Bigger Picture, Coming of Age, Maybe Next Year: Live, Ayo Technology, Milow, Where My Head Used to Be, From North To South Live, NORTH and SOUTH, Silver Linings and . Genres related to him: Pop music and Acoustic music.

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Yves V

Yves V (April 10, 1981-) is a Belgian disc jockey.

His discography includes: WOW. His related genres: Electro and Trance music.

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Joeri Fransen

Joeri Fransen (July 10, 1981 Belgium-) also known as Fransen, Joeri is a Belgian , .

His discography includes: True Lies.

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