Belgian music stars who deceased at age 48

Here are 11 famous musicians from Belgium died at 48:

André Dumont

André Dumont (February 15, 1809 Liège-February 28, 1857) also known as Andre Dumont was a Belgian scientist and geologist.

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Georges Berger

Georges Berger (September 14, 1918 Brussels-August 23, 1967 Nürburgring) was a Belgian race car driver.

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Germain Derycke

Germain Derycke (November 2, 1929 Bellegem-January 13, 1978 Kortrijk) was a Belgian personality.

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Marcel Kerff

Marcel Kerff (June 2, 1866-August 7, 1914) was a Belgian personality.

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Étienne Gailly

Étienne Gailly (November 26, 1922 Beringen, Belgium-November 3, 1971) also known as Etienne Gailly was a Belgian personality.

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Zoé de Gamond

Zoé de Gamond (February 11, 1806-February 28, 1854) was a Belgian writer. Her child is called Isabelle Gatti de Gamond.

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Francis Dhanis

Francis Dhanis (April 5, 1861 London-November 13, 1909 Brussels) was a Belgian personality.

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Paul Colin

Paul Colin (April 5, 1895 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode-April 8, 1943 Brussels) was a Belgian journalist.

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Ronny Coutteure

Ronny Coutteure (July 2, 1951 Wervik-June 21, 2000 Fretin) also known as Raymond Coutteure or Ronny Louis Edmond Coutteure was a Belgian actor, screenwriter, author, television presenter, film director and restaurateur.

His albums: .

He died as a result of suicide.

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Jack Sels

Jack Sels (January 29, 1922 Berchem-March 21, 1970 Antwerp) also known as Jean Jacques Sels or Jean-Jacques Sels was a Belgian saxophonist, actor, film score composer and composer.

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Louise de Mérode

Louise de Mérode (May 22, 1819 Brussels-March 1, 1868 Turin) also known as Countess Louise de Merode-Westerloo, Louise Caroline Ghislaine or Louise Caroline Ghislaine de Mérode was a Belgian personality. She had two children, Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo and Beatrice Giuseppa Antonia Luisa dal Pozzo.

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