Belgian music stars who deceased at age 61

Here are 16 famous musicians from Belgium died at 61:

Roger Van Overstraeten

Roger Van Overstraeten (December 7, 1937 Vlezenbeek-April 25, 1999 Leuven) was a Belgian personality.

He was a civil engineer and an entrepreneur, best known for his work in the construction and real estate industry. Van Overstraeten founded his own construction company, which went on to become one of the largest in Belgium.

Throughout his career, he was recognized for his innovative, eco-friendly designs and his commitment to sustainability. He served on several boards and committees related to construction and urban planning, including the International Federation for Housing and Planning.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Van Overstraeten was also involved in politics, serving as a member of the Belgian Senate from 1992 to 1995. He was a strong advocate for environmental protection and played an active role in efforts to combat climate change.

Van Overstraeten's legacy continues to influence the construction industry and sustainable design practices in Belgium and beyond.

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Eugène Goossens, père

Eugène Goossens, père (February 25, 1845 Bruges-December 30, 1906 Liverpool) also known as Eugene Goossens, pere was a Belgian conductor.

Eugène Goossens, père was a prominent figure in the music world of his time. He studied music at the conservatories of Brussels and Paris before commencing his career as a conductor. He worked extensively in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands before moving to England in 1893 to take up a position with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

During his time in England, Goossens became known for his commitment to bringing new music and lesser-known works to the forefront of the classical music scene. He conducted many premieres, including the first English performances of works by Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss. Goossens was also a prolific composer and arranger, writing works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, and solo instruments.

His son, Eugène Goossens, Jr., and grandson, Sir Eugene Goossens, also became prominent musicians in their own right.

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Henri Verbrugghen

Henri Verbrugghen (August 1, 1873 Brussels-November 12, 1934) was a Belgian personality.

He was a renowned conductor and music director, known for his passionate and dynamic style of music interpretation. Verbrugghen studied at the Brussels Conservatoire and later became a professor of conducting at the Royal College of Music, London. He also worked as a conductor for several prestigious orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic and the New York Philharmonic. Verbrugghen was noted for his dedication to contemporary music and his efforts to promote Australian composers during his time as the music director of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. In addition to his musical talents, Verbrugghen was also a keen cyclist and was known for his love of the sport.

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Jules Horrent

Jules Horrent (April 11, 1920-September 11, 1981) was a Belgian scientist.

He was a key figure in the development of nuclear energy in Belgium, and served as the director of the Centre d'Étude de l'Énergie Nucléaire (CEN) from 1958 until his death in 1981. Horrent was a professor of physics at the Université libre de Bruxelles, and his research focused on nuclear physics and radiochemistry. He was a member of several scientific organizations, including the Royal Academy of Sciences and the International Nuclear Energy Academy. Horrent received numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including the Francqui Prize in 1967 and the Wolf Prize in Physics in 1980. He was also actively involved in promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and was a strong advocate for international cooperation in the field of nuclear research.

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Arthur Legat

Arthur Legat (November 1, 1898 La Louvière-February 23, 1960) was a Belgian race car driver.

Legat began his racing career in the early 1920s and soon became a well-known name in the European racing scene. He competed in numerous races and Grand Prix events throughout his career, including the Belgian Grand Prix, the French Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In 1928, Legat competed in the Spa 24 Hours race and finished in first place, driving an Alfa Romeo 6C 1500. He also participated in the prestigious Le Mans race multiple times, with his best finish being 4th place in 1931.

In addition to his racing career, Legat was also a successful businessman, owning a car dealership in his hometown of La Louvière. He was active in the Belgian racing community throughout his life and was even recognized by King Baudouin I of Belgium for his contributions to the sport.

Arthur Legat passed away on February 23, 1960, at the age of 61. He is remembered as one of Belgium's most talented and successful race car drivers of the early 20th century.

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Fons Bastijns

Fons Bastijns (January 28, 1947 Hoogstraten-November 15, 2008 Bruges) was a Belgian personality.

He was known for his work as a cultural manager and programmer in various cultural institutions in Belgium, including the KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre) in Brussels and the Concertgebouw in Bruges. Bastijns also had a passion for photography and was known for his contributions to the Belgian photography scene. He was a member of the Selection jury for the "European Publishers Award for Photography" and served as a curator for several photography exhibitions in Belgium. In addition to his work in the arts, Bastijns was also a dedicated political activist and was associated with the socialist party in Belgium.

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Jef Demuysere

Jef Demuysere (July 26, 1907 Wervik-April 30, 1969 Antwerp) was a Belgian personality.

He was a renowned Belgian cyclist and a national champion in road and track cycling. Demuysere won the Flemish race Gent-Wevelgem in 1934 and 1936 and finished second in the prestigious Tour de France in 1936. He was also part of the Belgian national team in the Olympic Games in 1928 and 1936, where he won a bronze medal in the team pursuit event. After retiring from cycling, Demuysere became a successful sports journalist and commentator for various newspapers and television channels in Belgium. He was also known for his involvement in various charity causes and was appointed as a Knight in the Order of Leopold II for his services to sports and society.

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Noël Foré

Noël Foré (December 23, 1932 Belgium-February 16, 1994 Ghent) was a Belgian personality.

He was primarily known as a television presenter and journalist, having worked for the Flemish public broadcaster, VRT, for many years. Foré was also a passionate photographer and his work has been exhibited at various galleries in Belgium. In addition to his media career, he was actively involved in politics and served as a member of the Belgian Senate from 1987 until his death in 1994. Foré's contributions to Belgian society were recognized posthumously when he was awarded the honorary title of Knight in the Order of Leopold II by the Belgian government.

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Jan Cox

Jan Cox (August 27, 1919 The Hague-October 7, 1980 Antwerp) was a Belgian personality.

Jan Cox was a painter, draughtsman, and art teacher. He was one of the most important Belgian post-war artists, with a considerable international reputation. Cox studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and began exhibiting in the late 1940s. His work was characterized by a highly expressive and colorful style, influenced by the major artistic movements of his time, including Cubism, Expressionism, and Surrealism. Cox taught at various art schools in Belgium and was the founder of the Antwerp-based G58 group, which consisted of artists who sought to promote avant-garde art in Belgium. Despite his achievements, Cox struggled with mental health issues throughout his life and took his own life in 1980.

He died in suicide.

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Cornelius Van Leemputten

Cornelius Van Leemputten (January 25, 1841 Werchter-November 23, 1902) was a Belgian personality.

He was a talented painter, known for his landscape paintings that often depicted the Belgian countryside. Van Leemputten was born in Werchter and began his artistic career as a decorative painter before transitioning to landscape painting. His works often captured the changing seasons and weather, with an emphasis on the beauty of nature. In addition to his paintings, Van Leemputten was also a skilled etcher and lithographer. His work was exhibited in Brussels and Amsterdam, earning him critical acclaim and numerous awards. Today, his paintings can be found in various museums and private collections throughout Belgium and Europe.

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Bertholet Flemalle

Bertholet Flemalle (May 23, 1614 Liège-July 10, 1675 Liège) was a Belgian personality.

Bertholet Flemalle was a prominent painter of the Baroque period, who worked primarily in Liège, Belgium. He was born and raised in Liège and began his training under his father who was also a painter. Flemalle further developed his skills in Italy, where he spent several years working alongside other well-known artists.

Upon returning to Liège, Flemalle gained renown for his religious paintings which were highly praised for their emotive and atmospheric qualities. He was sought-after by both private and religious patrons and produced a number of significant works including altarpieces and portraits. One of his most notable works is the painting "The Holy Family with St. Joachim and St. Anne" which is now on display in the Louvre.

Flemalle also trained a number of other artists, including his own son who became a successful painter in his own right. He was widely respected for his skill and expertise and is considered one of the most important artists working in Liège during the 17th century.

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Emile Verhaeren

Emile Verhaeren (May 21, 1855 Sint-Amands-November 27, 1916 Rouen) otherwise known as Verhaeren, Emile was a Belgian writer and poet.

Born in a small village in Flanders, Verhaeren would go on to become one of the most prominent figures in the French-language literary world of his time. He is known for his dynamic, expressive poetry, often focused on the beauty and power of nature, as well as the struggles and triumphs of the human experience. Verhaeren was a key member of the Symbolist movement and was greatly influenced by the works of the English poet William Blake. He was also an avid traveler, visiting countries such as Egypt, Germany, and Italy, which provided rich inspiration for his writing. Despite his success during his lifetime, Verhaeren's reputation faded after his death, but in recent years his work has enjoyed a revival and he is once again recognized as a significant literary figure.

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Henri Vieuxtemps

Henri Vieuxtemps (February 17, 1820 Verviers-June 6, 1881) also known as Vieuxtemps, Henri was a Belgian composer and violinist.

His most well known albums: Violin Concertos, Cello Concertos Nos. 1 & 2, Violin Concertos Nos. 2 and 3 (Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Dennis Burkh, violin: Misha Keylin), Fantasia appassionata / Ballade et polonaise / Fantaisie caprice / Greeting to America (Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Andrew Mogrelia, violin: Misha Keylin), Violin Concertos, Great Violinists: Heifetz, Concertos pour violon, Bruch: Concerto no. 1 / Scottish Fantasy / Vieuxtemps: Concerto no. 5, and .

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Léon Delacroix

Léon Delacroix (December 27, 1867 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode-October 15, 1929 Baden-Baden) also known as Leon Delacroix was a Belgian personality.

He was a playwright, novelist, essayist, and translator. Delacroix was the author of more than 25 plays, several novels, and numerous essays on literature and art. His most famous play is "Monsieur de Pourceaugnac," a comedy in three acts, which was first performed at the Comédie Française in Paris in 1915. In addition to his literary activities, Delacroix was a passionate art collector, acquiring works by Picasso, Matisse, and Monet, among others. He was also a translator of English and American literature into French, and his translations of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson and Jack London were widely praised for their accuracy and style. Delacroix was married twice and had two children.

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Arthur Vanderpoorten

Arthur Vanderpoorten (February 17, 1884 Puurs-April 3, 1945 Bergen-Belsen concentration camp) was a Belgian politician.

He was a member of the Liberal Party and served as a member of parliament from 1921 until his death in 1945. During his career, Vanderpoorten advocated for educational reforms that aimed to provide equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their social and economic background. He also took a firm stance against fascism and supported the Allied cause during World War II. In 1944, Vanderpoorten was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where he died the following year due to exhaustion and malnutrition. He is remembered as a courageous and dedicated politician who fought for justice and freedom for his country and its people.

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Pierre Van Humbeeck

Pierre Van Humbeeck (May 17, 1829 Brussels-July 5, 1890 Brussels) was a Belgian politician.

He served as a member of parliament in Belgium from 1864 to 1884, representing the district of Nivelles. During his time in office, Van Humbeeck was known for his work on social issues, including workers' rights and education reform. He was also a supporter of the Catholic Party, a political organization in Belgium that focused on promoting Catholic values and principles. Additionally, Van Humbeeck was involved in various philanthropic endeavors throughout his life, particularly in the areas of healthcare and education.

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