Belgian music stars died as a result of Cancer

Here are 3 famous musicians from Belgium died in Cancer:

Pierre Van Dormael

Pierre Van Dormael (May 24, 1952 Brussels-September 3, 2008 Brussels) was a Belgian film score composer, musician and composer.

His albums: Vivaces, Toto le héros, Djigui, Solos Duos, Mr. Nobody and .

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Jean Vallee

Jean Vallee (October 2, 1941 Verviers-March 12, 2014 Thimister-Clermont) a.k.a. Jean Vallée or Paul Goeder was a Belgian singer.

Jean Vallee was best known for representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest twice - in 1970 with the song "Viens l'oublier" and then in 1978 with "L'amour ça fait chanter la vie". During his career, he also wrote and composed music for other artists and worked as a television presenter in Belgium. Outside of music, Vallee was involved in politics and served as a city councilor in the town of Verviers.

Vallee started his music career in the 1960s as a member of the Belgian vocal group Les Troubadours. He later launched a solo music career and released more than 20 albums throughout his career. In addition to representing Belgium at Eurovision, he also sang backup vocals for the Belgian entry at Eurovision in 1967. Vallee's music was popular in both Belgium and France, and he toured extensively throughout both countries. He received numerous awards and accolades for his contributions to music in Belgium, including being named a Knight in the Order of Leopold in 1997.

Vallee was born in the Belgian town of Verviers, and grew up in a musical family. His father was a jazz trumpet player, and his mother played classical piano. Vallee began playing guitar at a young age, and later learned to play the piano as well. He was also interested in politics from a young age, and was involved in student protests in the 1960s.

In addition to his music and political career, Vallee was also an accomplished athlete. He was a member of the Belgian national basketball team in the 1960s, and later became a marathon runner. He completed several marathons throughout his life, and was known for his commitment to physical fitness.

Vallee continued to perform and write music until his death in 2014. His legacy in the Belgian music scene continues to inspire new generations of artists in the country.

Vallee, in addition to his two Eurovision appearances, also participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as a composer, writing the 1980 Belgian entry "Euro-Vision" for the group Telex. He also hosted the Belgian national final for Eurovision in 1979 and appeared as a guest commentator for the contest in the 1980s.

Throughout his career, Vallee collaborated with many other Belgian and French musicians, including Johnny Hallyday and Céline Dion. He was known for his rich baritone voice and romantic ballads, and his music often explored themes of love, loss, and social justice.

Vallee's contributions to Belgian music were recognized both during and after his lifetime. In addition to his Order of Leopold distinction, he was awarded the Grand Prix du Disque de l'Académie Charles Cros and the Prix Jacques Brel. He also served as president of the French-speaking Belgian authors' rights society SABAM from 2004 until his death.

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Pierre Rapsat

Pierre Rapsat (May 28, 1948 Belgium-April 20, 2002 Verviers) was a Belgian singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Ligne claire / Haut les Mains, Volte-face, Brasero, Tous les rêves..., Dazibao, Donner tout son cœur, 1980, J'aime ça, Soleil noir and Animal. Genres he performed include Pop music.

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