Bolivian musicians died when they were 50

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bolivia died at 50:

Mariano Melgarejo

Mariano Melgarejo (April 13, 1820 Tarata, Cochabamba-April 5, 1871 Lima) was a Bolivian politician.

Melgarejo was a military officer who became President of Bolivia from 1864 to 1871. He was infamous for his brutal and oppressive rule, during which he enriched himself and his cronies at the expense of the country. He also initiated a policy of "saltpeter tithe", which required indigenous people to work in Bolivia's saltpeter mines. Melgarejo is remembered as one of Bolivia's most corrupt and tyrannical leaders. His death was reportedly the result of a conspiracy involving members of his own government.

Melgarejo was born into a family of modest means in the province of Tarata, Bolivia. He began his military career as a soldier in the War of the Confederation, a regional conflict that occurred in South America during the 1830s and 1840s. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a general while still in his twenties.

In 1864, Melgarejo staged a coup d'etat against the sitting president José María Achá, which resulted in him assuming power. During his tenure, he imposed heavy taxes on the indigenous population and confiscated land from wealthy landowners. He also made a number of high-profile deals, such as selling the territory of Acre to Brazil, which further enriched himself and his associates.

Despite his controversial leadership, Melgarejo was able to maintain power for almost seven years. His death was the result of a plot by politicians and military officers who viewed him as a danger to Bolivia's stability.

He died caused by assassination.

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