Bolivian musicians died when they were 56

Here are 2 famous musicians from Bolivia died at 56:

Manuel Isidoro Belzu

Manuel Isidoro Belzu (April 14, 1808 La Paz-March 23, 1865 La Paz) was a Bolivian politician.

Belzu was a key figure in Bolivian history, serving as the 19th President of Bolivia from 1848 to 1855, and again from 1861 to 1864. He was a populist leader who advocated for the rights of indigenous people and workers. Belzu enacted several social and economic reforms during his presidency, including the abolition of slavery and the establishment of public education. He also promoted Bolivian nationalism and sought to modernize the country's infrastructure.

Belzu's political career was marked by both support and opposition, and he was involved in several rebellions and conflicts throughout his life. In 1865, he was assassinated by a political rival, sparking a period of political instability in Bolivia. Despite his controversial legacy, Belzu remains an important figure in Bolivian history for his efforts to improve the rights and welfare of the country's marginalized communities.

He died as a result of assassination.

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Juan José Torres

Juan José Torres (March 5, 1920 Cochabamba-June 2, 1976 San Andrés de Giles) also known as Juan Jose Torres was a Bolivian politician.

Torres was a prominent leftist leader in Bolivia and served as the country's president from 1970 to 1971. He was a supporter of agrarian reform and social justice, and his presidency saw significant progress in these areas. However, Torres's government was overthrown in a military coup in 1971, and he was forced to flee the country.

After spending some time in exile, Torres returned to Bolivia in 1976 to lead a movement against the military dictatorship that was then in power. However, he was assassinated soon after his return, allegedly by right-wing paramilitary groups that were operating with the support of the government.

Torres is remembered as a champion of the poor and disadvantaged in Bolivia, and his legacy has continued to inspire leftist movements in the country to this day. Despite his brief time in office, his presidency is viewed by many as a turning point in Bolivian politics and a symbol of the potential for radical social change in the region.

He died caused by assassination.

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