Bolivian musicians died when they were 72

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bolivia died at 72:

Andrés de Santa Cruz

Andrés de Santa Cruz (December 5, 1792 La Paz-September 25, 1865 Saint-Nazaire) also known as Andres de Santa Cruz was a Bolivian personality.

He served as the President of Peru (1829-1833) and Bolivia (1836-1839) during his political career. Santa Cruz aimed to unite Peru and Bolivia under a confederation, the Peru-Bolivian Confederation, to counter the regional influence of Argentina and Chile. Although the confederation was initially successful, it ultimately failed due to opposition from neighboring countries and internal political strife. Santa Cruz went into exile after the confederation's collapse and spent the remainder of his life in Europe. He is remembered as a controversial figure in Latin American history, with some viewing him as a visionary leader and others as a power-hungry dictator.

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