Bolivian musicians died when they were 80

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bolivia died at 80:

Sebastián Ágreda

Sebastián Ágreda (April 5, 1795 Potosí-December 18, 1875 La Paz) was a Bolivian politician and military officer.

He played a major role in Bolivia's fight for independence from Spanish colonial rule, serving in various military campaigns and eventually rising to the rank of general in the Bolivian army. After independence was achieved in 1825, Ágreda continued his military and political career, serving as governor of several Bolivian provinces and holding various high-ranking government positions. He also played a key role in Bolivia's territorial disputes with neighboring countries, including Chile and Peru. Later in life, Ágreda became a respected historian and writer, publishing several books on Bolivian history and politics. His legacy is honored in Bolivia with statues and monuments in various cities throughout the country.

In addition to his military and political achievements, Sebastián Ágreda was also a notable scholar and intellectual. He was a founding member of the Bolivian Academy of History and a member of the National University of San Andrés. Ágreda was known for his extensive knowledge of Bolivian history and culture, which he used to write several influential books and articles. Some of his notable works include "Historia de las Revoluciones de Bolivia", "Reseña histórica de Bolivia", and "Historia general de Bolivia". These works not only documented the country's past but also helped shape its national identity. Aside from his intellectual pursuits, Ágreda was also a passionate advocate for education and worked to establish schools and universities throughout Bolivia. Today, he is remembered as a hero of Bolivian independence and a pioneer of Bolivian scholarship.

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