Bosnian movie stars died at 44

Here are 1 famous actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina died at 44:

Žan Marolt

Žan Marolt (September 25, 1964 Sarajevo-July 11, 2009 Sarajevo) also known as Zan Marolt was a Bosnian actor and tv personality.

He died in lung cancer.

Marolt began his acting career in the 1980s, appearing in Yugoslavian films and TV shows like "Hajde da se volimo" and "Vukovar se vraća kući". He later became a popular TV personality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hosting shows like "Toga se niko nije setio" and "Neki novi klinci". In addition to his work on screen, Marolt was also active in the theater, performing in productions all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite his success in entertainment, his life was plagued by personal tragedies and health issues, including the loss of his parents in the Bosnian war and his own battle with lung cancer, which ultimately claimed his life in 2009. Marolt is remembered as a talented performer who brought laughter and joy to his audiences, both on screen and on stage.

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